How to Update FIFA 17 Ps4?

Do you know how to update your FIFA 17 on Ps4? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Plus, the process is not difficult, and having a reliable guide makes it seamless. This guide will hold your hand throughout and explain the process of updating your FIFA 17 on your Ps4. If you are excited to learn something new, why don’t you read the article to the end? You will love it!

Easy Steps to Update FIFA 17 Ps4

FIFA is under EA sports, so all the updates for your FIFA 17 are released by EA sports. If you are a gamer who enjoys FIFA, you would agree that keeping your FIFA updated is a good idea. 

FIFA is under EA sports

This guide offers the steps of updating FIFA 17 on the Ps4 console.

Follow the steps below to achieve that

  1. On your Ps4, navigate to the FIFA 17 menu page
  2. Once the menu opens, click on the “Settings” option
  3. Locate the “System” tab and click on the “Updates” button
  4. A new screen will open. Here, select the “Install Updates” option 
  5. You may be prompted to enter your password for authentication
  6. To initiate the process, click the “Install Updates” button
  7. Let the update process run smoothly, and once done, restart the console

That’s it! You can now select your FIFA 17 and enjoy your gaming life. 

FAQs On FIFA 17 Game

When Should I Update My FIFA 17?

EA Sports releases updates periodically. The whole point of the updates is to fix bugs and enhance the gaming experience. So, it’s recommended to download and install updates once they are released. Updates to your FIFA 17 only require getting the latest patch from EA sports, and you can update your FIFA 17.

Can I Update My FIFA 17 via Xbox 360?

Yes, you can. If you decide to use the Xbox 360 to update your FIFA 17, you must do so from the web. Therefore, the first thing should be connecting your FIFA 17 to the web, and once you open your recreation, it will check for an update. If there is the latest update, it will automatically install it. 

How Can I Refresh My Squads on FIFA 17?

To refresh your FIFA 17 squads, access your FIFA 17 and navigate to the squad page under your main menu. Once you update the squad, you can customize and adjust how you want your squad to be by clicking on the “Edit Squad” option. You can utilize various options, including dismissing players from your squad or adding new players to boost your squad. Once you have your modifications, save the changes and enjoy!

Can I Update FIFA on PlayStation 4?

Yes, you can. Before updating your FIFA, ensure that your Ps4 is updated. Once verified, open your main menu and navigate to the settings option.  Locate the “System Software Update option,” and clicking on it will fetch the latest updates and install them for you. That’s how you can use your Ps4 to update your FIFA.

Can I Manually Update Ps4?

Yes, you can. However, the steps are a bit challenging but still doable. The first thing you need is the updated file for the Ps4, and you can get that from Sony’s website. Download the file and copy it to a flash drive. Install the flash drive containing the file to your Ps4. Next, open the Ps4 settings and click on “system,” then tap the software update option. Your Ps4 will detect the update file, download it, and update it.


There are multiple benefits of using an updated FIFA 17. For one, you are sure you are not experiencing any bugs, and your gaming experience will be better than someone who is yet to update theirs. We’ve seen the steps to update FIFA 17 on Ps4. Follow them and update your FIFA 17.

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