How to Update Madden 17 Roster Ps4?

Madden NFL 17 is among the best football games to play. There is so much fun in it and while enjoying the game, staying updated comes in handy. Updates offer patches and new cool features. This guide focuses on how to update madden 17 Roster on Ps4. If that sounds like something, you would love to know why not stick around as we get into the details. Let us look at the steps on How to Update Madden 17 Roster Ps4.

Updating Madden 17 Roster Ps4

Like all games, Madden 17 requires period updates to get the latest features. And when using the Ps4, the updating process is straightforward, as we will see in this guide.

How to Update Madden 17 Roster Ps4

Follow the steps below

  1. Open your PlayStation 4 and navigate to the main menu for the “Madden NFL 17.”
  2. Once you’ve clicked the main menu, tap the Roaster Management option.
  3. On the next window, click the Update Rosters button.
  4. Finally, update the Madden 17 roster by clicking on the Update Rosters button.
  5. You will be prompted to download the updated roasters in the next window. Choose either the Madden community or the EA Sports.

That’s it. You’ve managed to successfully update your Madden 17 roaster on Ps4.

FAQ on Updating Madden 17 Roster Ps4

Is It Possible to Get Earlier Versions of Madden Rosters?

Yes, it’s possible. Besides, you have various ways of downloading the earlier Madden roasters. You can visit the Madden website and locate the previous Madden rosters that you want from the “game updates” section. Alternatively, you can research other roasters uploaded by individuals who have customized the Madden roasters. The earlier versions will work whichever method you use, and, in some cases, they may be stable compared to the current Madden roaster version.

Is it Possible to Update Madden Roaster?

Yes, it’s possible. The EA releases updated versions periodically yearly. The updates offer patches for bugs and come with cool features to enhance your gaming experience. It is recommended to get the latest updates as they offer new player ratings, squads, and other adjustments that older versions lack. If using a Ps4, update your Madden using the steps in this article.

How Do I Update My Madden 17?

To update your Madden 17 roaster, navigate to the main menu, locate the “EA Sports,” and click on it. Once you’ve clicked on it, select Madden NFL 17 from the listed options. Locate and click the “Check for Updates” option. Once you’ve clicked the button, you will note that the game will begin downloading the recent update. Once downloaded, it will automatically install the update.

How Long Does Madden 17 Take to Download?

The Madden 17 is around 25 GB in size. Therefore, the download will take a long time. However, if you have a stable and strong internet connection, the download can take a shorter time than when using a slow internet connection. Once the download completes, you will immediately be able to stay enjoying your game. So, be patient and let the download complete.

Should I Update Madden 17 Roaster?

Yes, you should. New updates come as patches for bugs with the older versions, and if you want to stay updated with all the latest features of Madden 17, then you should update it. This guide analyzed how you can update your Madden 17 roaster.


We understand that sometimes knowing how to update Madden NFL 17 may be challenging, especially when using Ps4. Luckily, this guide offers a hands-on tutorial on the easiest way of updating Madden 17 roster when playing it using Ps4. Staying updated help get the attest patches for bugs and new features. With that being said, we hope you managed to update your Madden 17 roster. 

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