How to Update Roster NBA 2k17 Ps4

Any NBA fan and those who enjoy the NBA 2K17 can’t hide their joy whenever an update is released. A buzz comes with trying the new rookies and the other cool features that come with the updated roasters. As a gamer, getting excited about the update is one thing, and knowing how to install the updated roasters is another. This guide offers the various steps you can follow when updating your roster NBA 2k17 Ps4. So, why not stick around and let’s learn together? This article includes a detailed guide on How to Update Roster NBA 2k17 Ps4.

If you’ve been wondering- How to Update Roster NBA 2k17 Ps4? Then this post is for you. Read on to see easy steps to How to Update Roster NBA 2k17 Ps4 without any hassle.

How to Update Roaster NBA 2k17 Ps4

Everyone knows that any updates for rosters take the internet with a buzz, and roaster update is always big news in the NBA 2K games. Whenever an update gets released, every gamer rushes to get their hands on it and enjoy the fun with the new rookies. Besides, the gaming company adds rookies to the 2K games after the draft, and in most cases, it comes at the end of the month after every NBA draft.

Everyone knows that any updates for rosters take the internet with a buzz,

The main question gamers have, especially the newbies, is how they can quickly grab the updated roasters for their NBA 2K17. If you are having the same issue, you are in luck.

Steps to update your roasters

Follow the steps below to update your roasters.

  1. Open your NBA 2K17 and go to the main menu.
  2. Click on the Features/Option button.
  3. Tap on the Roaster Creator and choose to Create Roster.
  4. Click on the search option and choose to search by Online ID.
  5. Next, locate the EmbraceThePace since we are using the Ps4. If you were using Xbox One, you could locate the BtyanDfor3 instead.

That’s it. You can then download the roster file for the appropriate off-season and save the file. With the roster file downloaded and saved, you can manually load it up the next time you start a new franchise. It could also work when starting a single game.

FAQs On Roaster NBA 2k17 Ps4

When Does the 2K Updating of Roasters Stop?

Official roaster updates by 2K stops when each NBA season ends. On the bright side, you still have the chance to get updated roasters from the community-created ones. The community-created roasters also offer new features, and if you can’t get a hand on the official 2K17 roasters, feel free to use the community-created ones. 

When Should I Expect NBA 2K Updating of Rosters?

2K is known to release its NBA 2K updates whenever a major NBA draft occurs. Once the draft happens, expect to get the new rookies added mostly at the end of the month. If that doesn’t occur, look for it at the beginning of the season. You can’t miss the update past that season. Nonetheless, you can easily find the rookies added after a few days since the draft, and if lucky, you get to enjoy the newly added rookies before other gamers.

How Can I Update My NBA 2K Rosters Quickly?

To update your NBA 2K, navigate to the myGM section or the My League on the 2k and click the option for custom roasters. Once you do, go to the Off Season Roster or the Agency Roster. If there is an updated roaster, you will find it there, and you can download it and load it up for your next franchise. If no roster is available, you already have the updated roster.

Why does My NBA 2K17 Have Issues?

If you are experiencing issues with your NBA 2K17, there are various reasons why this could be happening. Common causes include faulty internet connection, affecting how you access and play the game. Also, it could be that you’ve not met the needed system requirements. Moreover, it could be that you are using graphic card drivers that are outdated. So, check if the three are common causes that could be what’s affecting your NBA 2K17.

What Does the Error Code Message Displaying on NBA 2K17?

If you get a given message showing a certain error code, it means you are using an outdated NBA 2K17 version. Therefore, you can fix the error by updating your rosters using the steps presented in this guide. Once you do, the error code will be fixed.

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