How to Update Status in WhatsApp Web?

You know that WhatsApp is one of the best messengers to communicate with your friends and family members. You can use WhatsApp Web to update your status. But sometimes you face problems like if you can’t update your status, what shall we do? We need a solution to this problem. In this article, I will explain how to update status on WhatsApp Web.

Steps to Update Status In WhatsApp Web

Follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open WhatsApp Web.
How to Update Status in Whatsapp Web
  1. Click on the Status icon, which is in the left side panel.
  2. Click on the Add a status update button.
  3. A Text editor will open. Write your status and then click on the green button at the bottom.
  4. The Status is updated now.

FAQs on Update Status on WhatsApp Web

How do I update WhatsApp Web on my computer?

a) To open the Run window, hit the Windows key plus R. 
b) Type wsreset.exe followed by Enter to launch the application. 
After the complete process, restart your computer to ensure the issue has been resolved.

How does the online status on WhatsApp Web work?

 The terms “last seen” and “online” indicate whether a contact is currently online or using WhatsApp. If a contact is online, WhatsApp is now operating in the background on their device, and they are connected to the internet. This does not necessarily indicate that the person has read your message.

 Can you change your WhatsApp Web status?

WhatsApp, which Facebook owns, added a Status feature for iOS and Android in February of this year in NEW DELHI. According to the corporation, the functionality is now accessible in the desktop version of the software. Following three months of development, the functionality is now accessible on WhatsApp Web.

Is the WhatsApp desktop client always up to date?

Because WhatsApp for Windows is only a web wrapper for WhatsApp Web, the upgrade should occur automatically.

How long will WhatsApp Web be accessible?

How much longer will WhatsApp Web stay accessible? If you do not use WhatsApp Web for thirty minutes, it will automatically lock you out. When you log in to WhatsApp Web, you may choose the checkbox next to the QR code that reads “Keep me logged in.” So long as WhatsApp is active on your phone, you will remain linked.


There are many Statuses for WhatsApp-related apps and websites available but updating WhatsApp Status via WhatsApp Web is very easy and simple. You can Update WhatsApp Status in 4 Steps via WhatsApp Web. Read the entire blog post to know how to update a status on WhatsApp web.

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