How To Update Verizon Towers On iPhone?

Cellphone signals are critical for communications. If you live in a remote area where you cannot get a cellphone signal or having issues with your cellphone, it is a scary thing. Regarding Verizon, a widely used service in the US, you may have to update it according to the location. So, how to update Verizon Towers on iPhone?

There are various ways to update Verizon towers once you are in a new location or have a poor connection problem. Often the service gets updated automatically, but if it doesn’t do so, you can try a few manual methods that range from restarting your iPhone to requesting Verizon for new carrier settings.

We have compiled the various manual ways you can update Verizon towers on your iPhone and provided step-by-step instructions. Do read ahead to understand more.

Methods To Update Verizon Towers On iPhone?

Often when you upgrade your iPhone or change the sim card on an iPhone, the Verizon service gets updated automatically. But sometimes, it just so happens that the automatic update does not occur, and you get stuck with poor or no connection. 

In these cases, you will want to know the manual methods to update them. These methods work fine most of the time, and if sometimes it does not work, you may have to contact the Verizon service center for help.

Method 1: Restart Your iPhone to update Verizon towers

Restart Your iPhone. How To Update Verizon Towers On iPhone?

Yes, this is as simple as restarting your iPhone. Most of the time, if your Verizon towers are not updated, you can fix it by simply restarting your iPhone.

So, long press the Power button on your iPhone and swipe to switch off the phone. Restart it after a minute and check if the Verizon signal gets updated or not. Most of the time, it gets updated automatically after restraining. But, if the update does not occur, you can try the second method on ‘How to update Verizon towers on iPhone?

Method 2: Turn Airplane Mode ON/OFF

Turn Airplane Mode ON/OFF. How To Update Verizon Towers On iPhone?

Another method is to turn On the Airplane mode and again turn it Off after a minute. This way, you will force your iPhone to search for the cellular network, and when it finds the Verizon network, it will automatically update it.

Swipe up your iPhone’s home screen and click on the Airplane icon. This will turn On the Airplane mode in your iPhone and disconnects the phone from any external connections. And after some time, swipe up again, click on the same Airplane icon and turn Off the Airplane mode. 

After you turn Off the Airplane mode, it will force the iPhone to search for the Verizon cellular network. And when it finds the nearest cellular connection, it updates automatically.

Method 3: Turning On Automatic Network Selection to update Verizon towers

The third method for the ‘How to update Verizon towers on iPhone?’ question is to use the automatic network selection. You may have turned off this method of network selection on your iPhone.

Follow the below steps to turn On the Automatic network selection.

Step 1: Open settings on your iPhone.

setting. How To Update Verizon Towers On iPhone?

Step 2: Go to ‘Cellular.’

iphone setting

Step 3: Scroll down and click on ‘Network Selection.

Turning On Automatic Network Selection

Step 4: Turn On the ‘Automatic’ mode.

How To Update Verizon Towers On iPhone?

If this mode is turned off, the iPhone does not perform automatic network selection, and you must resort to manual methods. But once you turn On this method, the iPhone will automatically select the network whenever you change locations and update it.

Method 4: Dial *228

This method involves having some connection on your iPhone, even if it is weak. You can use this method to ask Verizon to update your Network on your iPhone.

Dial *228 and select 1 when you get prompted with the selection menu. This will force Verizon to update your Verizon tower on your iPhone quickly.

Method 5: Request Settings to update Verizon towers

Although this method does not only apply to Verizon towers but the overall Verizon settings on your iPhone, it will reset your settings overall and force Verizon to update your towers.

Follow the steps below to request settings for Verizon.

Step 1: Open settings on your iPhone.

How To Update Verizon Towers On iPhone?

Step 2: Go to ‘Cellular.’

iphone setting

Step 3: Scroll down and click on ‘Sim Applications.’

sim app setting. How To Update Verizon Towers On iPhone?

Step 4: On the Sim Applications setting, select Request Setting.

request setting for iphone

Step 5: After you click the option, you will be prompted with a menu. Tap on the ‘Request Setting’ option, which requests a setting from Verizon and installs it on your iPhone.

send request

After the steps, the iPhone will update your Verizon towers, and you will get a stronger network and all other settings up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions on How To Update Verizon Towers On iPhone?

Some frequently asked questions related to ‘How To Update Verizon Towers On iPhone?’ is taken from the internet.

Why Is My Verizon Signal So Weak?

If your Verizon signal is weak, that can be caused by various reasons. There is a possibility of you being in an area where Verizon towers are far. It can also be caused by other devices and signals blocking the Verizon signals. Your phone itself can also be at fault with defects. If you are behind a hill or tall structures like a building, that can also cause a weak signal.

Where Is The Carrier Setting On iPhone?

You can find carrier settings on iPhone inside the About settings. Go to Settings and open the General settings. After that, click on the About option and look for Carrier. If you can find the Carrier, you can see the settings version on the right. 
But if you want to update the Carrier settings, you can open Settings and go to Cellular. Then, scroll down to Sim Applications and tap on it. Next, click request settings which will update the settings once the Carrier sends the new version of Carrier settings.

How Do I Increase The Signal Strength On My iPhone?

To increase the signal strength on your iPhone, you can follow the below methods. You can follow any of the methods and more than one method.
– Try removing any metallic case from your iPhone to see if it makes any difference in the cellphone signal.
– If you have turned on 5G on your iPhone, turn it off or set it up to 4G. 
– Travel to a location where there is a high signal or is not enclosed by any structure or hills.
– Disable all other connections like WiFi and Bluetooth.
– Reset your network by turning Off/On your iPhone.
– If nothing works, you can choose to buy a cell phone signal booster.
If you cannot get strong signal strength after following the methods, then there is nothing you can do about it except go to a higher strength area.

What Is The Little Triangle On My iPhone?

The little triangle on the new version of iOS is the cell signal icon. There can also be other icons shown by the apps you are using. If you are unsure what the icon is, try tapping on it. It may open the respective app that it is being displayed on the screen.
If the triangle sometimes appears smaller or bigger, it must be the network signal icon. You can also confirm this by turning On the Airplane mode; if that icon disappears, it is undoubtedly the network signal.

What Do The Dots On iPhone 13 Mean?

If you have a mysterious dot appearing on the top-right part of the notification bar, it signals that your camera is being used by one of the apps on your iPhone. But, of course, if you use the camera and that dot appears, you do not have to worry. 
However, if it appears even when you are not using the camera, you may well be worried about it. The camera is being used without your knowledge, and you can find the app that is using it and uninstall it quickly.

Try methods to update Verizon towers on iPhone

Therefore, the answer to your ‘How to update Verizon towers on iPhone?’ is answered with five method solutions that you can use to update and upgrade your Verizon network. The iPhone often does the update automatically, but if it does not happen and you are stuck with a weak signal or no signal, you can try those methods to solve the issue.

Hopefully we have answered your question and provided you with valuable information.

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