How To Upgrade To Spotify Premium On Your iPhone?

Spotify is the epicenter of music streaming. This music streaming app provides the best music experience compared to other music streaming apps. If you’ve used its free plan, you will undoubtedly agree with us that the tip of this app is incredible. Imagine subscribing to the premium service. That’s another experience you’ll tick as one of the best moments of your life. Read this straightforward guide if you want to know how to upgrade to Spotify premium on your iPhone.

Method To Upgrade To Spotify Premium On iPhone?

Upgrading to Spotify Premium on the iPhone is not a piece of cake if you don’t know the app like the back of your hand. First and foremost, you should be aware that Spotify’s upgrade feature is no longer available on the iOS app. Now the question is, how can I upgrade? If you want to upgrade to Spotify premium, use this method:

Using An iPhone Web Browser

Spotify premium comes with a lot of benefits, like unlimited access to music and audiobooks. To luxuriate Spotify’s premium plan using this method, follow the instructions below:

  • Step #1

Open your Web Browser. We recommend using Chrome or Safari.

  • Step #2

Go to

  • Step #3

Tap on the Three-line Icon: Menu on the top right of the page.

Tap on the Three-line Icon
  • Step #4

Login with your Spotify Details.

How To Upgrade To Spotify Premium On Your iPhone
  • Step #5

Select Settings, then tap Premium.

Tap on Settings then tap Premium
  • Step #6

Tap on Get Started.

  • Step #7

Click on your preferred plan.

How To Upgrade To Spotify Premium On Your iPhone
  • Step #8

Fill out your Payment Method. Then tap on Start My Spotify Premium.

Straightforward as promised, right? You’ll get a free one-month trial before your subscription starts its countdown. If you don’t have access to your iPhone, use the same steps on your PC.


Why Can’t I Upgrade To Spotify Premium Using My iPhone Spotify App?

Sadly, you can’t upgrade using the Spotify iOS app due to Apple’s restriction policy on some in-app features of third-party apps. Nevertheless, you can upgrade to Spotify premium using Spotify’s website,, and then return to the app to enjoy the premium feature.

Is Spotify Premium Worthwhile?

Yes, it is. Spotify premium is one premium service worth purchasing. Upgrading to premium saves you $10 on every album you buy. You also get access to millions of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks from all parts of the globe that you can listen to anytime.

What Is The Difference Between Free Spotify And Spotify Premium?

The difference between free Spotify and Spotify Premium is a huge one. Free Spotify offers 128kbps audio quality on the desktop and 160kbps on the mobile app. In contrast, Spotify Premium gives 320kbps on desktop and mobile apps. With free Spotify, you have restricted access to music, while premium is unlimited.

Does Spotify Offer A Family Plan?

Yes, Spotify does. Spotify offers a premium family plan for families. This family plan is far more cost-effective than subscribing to each person individually. It also comes with a family mix of tunes and access to Spotify Kids.

Why Is Spotify Crashing On My iPhone?

The Spotify app crashes on iPhones when the iPhone is low on storage. The Spotify app uses much more storage space than you know to store songs in the database. The app keeps updating every piece to fix any glitches and bugs to bring you the best music experience.
Being one of Spotify’s premium subscribers is a new way to enjoy music on Spotify using your iPhone. This guide has given you the steps you need to take to upgrade to Spotify premium. Our comment box is always open to you. If you have any challenging issues, let us know, and we’ll write a guide to help you resolve them in our next article.

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