How To Use Before After Scan Instagram?

Nowadays, everyone seems to be using the before-after scan Instagram filter. This has got a lot of other users wondering how they can get in on the action since the filter has become so widely used. If you really want to spice up your Instagram pictures, you should try out the Before and After Scan filter.

If the filter determines you have a twin or better-looking half, it will scan your case and display their image. The filter doesn’t do that automatically, though; you can choose what it outputs. You’re free to pick your favorite celebrity’s photo beside any other image you like.

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Instagram’s “Before and After” Scan: How to use It?

It’s necessary to make a Reel and choose the effect that scans your face to use the Before and After Scan filter and join the crowd.

  1. Turn on your Instagram account.
  2. Click the plus sign in the upper right corner to add a reel.
Turn on your Instagram account
  1. Choose ‘Effects’ from the menu just above the Record button.
Choose 'Effects' from the menu just above the Record button.
  1. To access the search, click the magnifying glass symbol.
To access the search, click the magnifying glass symbol.
  1. To use this filter, enter “Before and After Scan” into the search field and click on the first filter that appears.
enter "Before and After Scan" into the search field and click on the first filter that appears.
  1. To have the filter appear on the scanned image, hit the ‘Add Media’ icon once the effect has been applied.
To have the filter appear on the scanned image
  1. Then, select the “Record” option to start capturing the video.
  2. The “music” sticker allows you to add audio to your video.

Problems with the Before and After Scan: What to Do?

Users who have encountered the problem have said that the Before and After Scan frequently fails to load after submitting a celebrity photo. There is a white box with black text on a black background.

Furthermore, Instagram will play the video as soon as you tap on the effect. The screen then begins to scroll down, but no image loads.

You can do a few things if the Before and After Scan filter isn’t functioning properly:

1. Delete Instagram’s Temporary Files Like Cache.

If the Before and After Scan filter is not appearing in your Instagram photos, deleting the app’s cache is an excellent way to troubleshoot the issue.

To clear Instagram’s cache on an Android device, open Settings, navigate to “Apps & Notifications,” choose Instagram, and then select “Storage & cache.”

Choose Instagram from the Storage section of Settings > General > iPhone Storage on your iOS device. Select the “Delete App” button here. The Instagram app must be reinstalled from the App Store.

2. Put in the picture before you start filming.

Click the “Add Media” button and select a photo from your camera roll to use as a “thumbnail” before you begin recording the video. A “Change Media” button will appear after you upload a picture. The Reel’s Before and After scan should be functional now, so you can begin recording.

3. Sign out and Sign in to Instagram.

It’s also possible that a bug in the software is the cause of the Before and After Scan’s ineffectiveness. Sign out of Instagram, delete the app, and reinstall it from the App Store or Google Play to remedy the problem. You shouldn’t have any issues using the Before and After Scan filter.

4. Update Instagram.

If the problem persists after a fresh installation of the Instagram app and a logout/login cycle doesn’t work, consider updating the app. If a filter you’ve applied to an Instagram photo, like the Before and When Scan filter, doesn’t appear after you refresh the picture, it could be due to a bug. By updating the app, this problem may be fixed.

Try searching for “Instagram” in the App Store or Google Play to see if an update is available.

5. Hold on a sec.

Instagram’s filters and effects may stop functioning if there’s a problem with the service’s servers. In that situation, the server downtime should end in a few hours. Wait a little while, then check Instagram to see whether the Before and After Scan are working again.

6. Authorize for Face and Hand Effects Permission.

To use Instagram and its filters after updating to a new version of the app, you may be asked for permission to access your camera’s face and hands.

  1. Launch Instagram and navigate to your account page.
  2. Click the arrow in the top right corner to access the menu.
  3. Find the Privacy option by going to the Settings menu.
  4. You can find face and Hand Effects toward the bottom of the screen.
  5. You must activate the “Allow face and hand effect” toggle.

Now, see whether the problem still persists.

7. Examine what happens when you use someone else’s Before and After Scan filters.

A workaround is to import it from another user’s Reel if the Before and After Scan filter or another desired filter does not show when you look for it.

  1. Locate a Clip where Before and After Scan was applied.
  2. Select the desired filter by clicking on its name beneath the user’s name.
  3. Choose the “Try It, Save It” option.


Well, now reading the article, you know all the ins and outs ao the Before-After filter Of Instagram. We hope this article helped you to solve your query simply with the stepwise methods.

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