How To Use Chrome Extension On An iPhone?

Mobile experiences have taken a path from good to better. This upgrade in mobile web browsers has made internet use Swiffer.

Mobile browser users are appreciating the efforts made by Chrome towards making their experience awesome by allowing the use of third-party software to customize their interface and also save browsing time.

As we all know, Apple has sworn to provide the best smartphone you can envision. From their camera, security patches, RAM, and ROM efficiency, to the browser experience. The iPhone allows breakneck browsing speed while using the internet connection feature and even includes a browser extension.

Using Chrome Extension On iPhone

With Google Chrome now available on iOS, you may wonder if using a Chrome extension on your iPhone is possible. This article will show you how to install and use the Chrome extension on your iPhone.

Using the Chrome browser extension on the iPhone can save time, money, and energy. However, these extensions are minimal on the iPhone compared to the Mac.

A mobile web browser extension is a software module for customizing browsing. Several web browsers allow these extensions to enhance cookie management, ad blocking, user interface, and styling of web pages. 

Chrome extensions are great ways to add more functionality to the Google Chrome web browser. Unfortunately, this feature is unsupported in the iOS Google Chrome mobile browser. But you can customize your web functionality in the Safari browser. Guess what? We’ll show you how to use the Safari browser extension. Let’s get to show you!

How To Use iPhone’s Safari Extension?

Developers can now create universal web browser extensions that seamlessly work on all browsers and iPhone. Essentially, two types of extensions run on the Safari browser–background running and manual share sheet accessing extensions.

Installing A Safari Extension On An iPhone

  • Open Settings
  • Select Safari
  • Scroll to General and tap Extensions.
safari setting
  • Tap More Extensions to see extensions on the app store.
more extension
  • Search and download Any Extension Of Your Choice.
  • Go to Settings, tap Safari, tap Extensions, and Toggle On the Setting to enable the extension.
How To Use Chrome Extension On An iPhone
  • Then tap Done.

The Safari web extension works on iPhones with the iOS15 update. Any Extension you download and install on your iPhone only works on that particular device. If you need to use the extension on another device, you’ll have to download and enable it on each iPhone.

FAQs on Safari Extension

How Do I Turn Off Auto-Fill On Safari On My iPhone?

Autofill makes filling out forms on a web browser convenient, and the Safari web browser is not an exemption. But there are times when auto-fill fills the wrong information in the form or incessantly gets in your way. For whatever reason you’ve chosen to turn off auto-fill, following these steps will help you turn it off. Go to Settings, tap Safari, and tap Auto-fill. Toggle off both Use Contact Info And Credit Card.

How Do I Use Private Browsing On Safari?

Safari’s private browsing allows you to surf the web without saving your history or other information during a session. To access private browsing in Safari, open Safari on your iPhone and long press the Double Square Icon to open a New Personal Tab from the menu. You can now start browsing privately.

How Do I Stop Google From Asking For My Location While In Safari?

Google uses location to enhance relevant search results based on your geographical location. If you’re uncomfortable allowing Google to use your location, you can turn it off in settings. Open Settings, tap Privacy, tap Location Service, scroll down to safari websites, and select Never.

How Do I Activate 2-Step Verification On My Google Account?

You’ll have to open your Google account profile to set this on your account. Tap on 2-step Verification, scroll down, and tap Get Started. Re-enter your Password and select the number to which you want the code sent. Enter the code you received, tap Next, then toggle on the 2-step Verification.

How To Add Safari Back To Your Home Screen?

If you can’t find Safari on your home screen or you’ve mistakenly removed it from your home, you can add it back. On your home screen, swipe left to access the App Library. Search Safari, long press it, and tap Add To Home Screen.
With this guide, we hope you can enjoy a complete experience using Safari web browser extensions. If you have any queries, share them with us in the comment section.

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