How To Use Split Screen on iPhone11?

Many iPhone users are dying for a split screen feature due to its convenient use. An actual split screen feature is yet to come out on iPhones, but they do offer Multitasking which offers a similar function. Here’s how to use a split screen on your iPhone11. You can also read how to rotate the screen on iPhone.

Download a Split Screen or Multitasking App to use split screen on iPhone.

Unfortunately, iPhones do not carry a default split screen app. This feature is only available for larger devices like the iPad. However, there are apps on the App Store that let you use this feature on your iPhone.

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Type Multitasking or Split Screen on the search bar.
  3. Select an app that serves the purpose.
  4. Download and install.

Now you can effectively use a split screen on your iPhone 11. There are different display types to choose from. These will be enumerated below.

Split Screen View Multitasking on iPhone11

Split Screen View Multitasking

Split View Multitasking displays two apps appearing side by side. The apps can be resized with a slider positioned between the two. To open this kind of multitasking:

  1. Launch an app.
  2. Open a second app that supports split screen. Upon opening the app, close it immediately so that it appears in your toolbar.
  3. Return to the first app.
  4. Slide up from the bottom part of your screen to access the toolbar.
  5. Press and hold the second app that is visible in your toolbar and drag it towards the first app’s screen until a thin, long box is displayed. Release the app. 

You can release the app to the side of the screen where you want it to appear. 

Slide Over

In this display type, the secondary app is displayed in a floating window that can be moved left or right by dragging it across the screen. 

Center Window

An app will be placed at the center of the screen as the main focus while the secondary app is in the background. It is typically used when the secondary app is a notepad, note app, or email. 

Floating Window 

Floating Window  Split Screen View Multitasking


Sometimes the Multitask feature may not be necessary for your needs. If you simply want to use an app while watching a movie or series in the background, then Picture-in-Picture mode will suffice. Many streaming apps like Netflix and Twitch offer this floating window feature. Youtube is also gradually returning its PiP feature for iOS 15 users. 

To use Picture-in-Picture:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Head to General.
  3. Select Picture-in-Picture and enable it by toggling the window to green.
To use Picture-in-Picture: Go to Settings.
Head to General.
Select Picture-in-Picture and enable it by toggling the window to green.

After that, you can access the floating window by tapping it. It will be displayed along with other visible icons while your video is playing. Well, now you know how to split screen on your iPhone11.


Is there a default Multitasking app on iPhones?

iPhones do not currently offer this app on default. You must find an app on the App Store to access this option.

What iOS devices offer Split Screen?

Larger iOS devices like the iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 and later, iPad Air 2 and later, and 5th Gen iPad and later offer Split Screen features.

What modes of the split screen are available by default?

For latest iPad users, split screens can be displayed in Split View or Slide Over.

How can I do a half screen on iPhone 11?

Go to Settings, tap Accessibility, then select Touch. Turn on Reachability. Either double tap the Home Button or swipe down on the bottom edge of your screen to set your phone to the half screen. 

What apps can do Picture-in-Picture on iPhone?

Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Music App, FaceTime, Safari, and Disney Plus are examples of apps that offer the PiP feature.


We are yet to receive news of the Multitasking feature being available on default for iPhones, but iOS users remain hopeful that it will become a reality. Until then, third-party apps and PiP are the only means for users to get a taste of this feature.

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