How To View Comments On Instagram?

Instagram has been one of the most used apps in the past few years. While using the app, we like and comment on different posts on Instagram. Sometimes, we might want to see all our Instagram comments, or there are even times when we remember an embarrassing comment and wish to delete it. This article contains all the information you may need on How To View Comments On Instagram.

In this article, we will take you through is it is possible to view all your Instagram comments and the methods to do it.

Methods To View Comments on Instagram

Most of us might wonder about viewing all their Instagram comments at once. Sometimes we get curious to view all the comments but don’t know if it is possible to view all your Instagram comments. 

Viewing all your Instagram comments from the app is possible, and it is quite a straightforward process. So, there are not one but two methods from which you can easily view all your comments on your Instagram.

Here are two methods from which you can see all your Instagram comments.

Via ‘Your Activity’ on Instagram

The easiest way to view all your comments is from “Your Activity.” You can see all your comments, liked posts, and story replies on one page. It has made it much easier for us to view all our comments in one place and even delete it.

Here is how you can view all your comments from ‘Your Activity.’

  • Open your Instagram.
  • On your Profile, tap on the three horizontal lines and Go to Your Activity.
How To View Comments On Instagram
  • Now, Tap on Interactions and Go to Comments.
Tap on Interactions and Go to Comments
  • You can see all the comments you have made from your account.
You can see all the comments you have made from your account
  • If you want to check the comments by sorting with the date, you can sort and filter by oldest or newest comments and set start and end dates.
you can sort and filter by oldest or newest comments and set start and end dates
  • You can then read all your comments, and If you want to delete single or multiple comments, tap on Select, choose the comments you like to delete and Tap on Delete.

Download Instagram Data

You can also download all your Instagram data and view your Instagram comments. However, you won’t be able to interact with the comments and delete them as you could from the first method. And since Instagram will email you the data after you request it from your account, it will take longer for you to get the data and view your comments.

You can download all your Instagram data, including comments, messages, settings, and many more. Unlike the first method, you may not be able to filter and sort the comments like the previous method.

So, let’s head into how you can read all your comments by downloading your Instagram data.

  • Open Instagram and Go to your profile.
  • Go to settings and navigate to Privacy and Security.
  • Under Data Download, you can see the ‘Request Data’ button. Click on it. 
  • Enter your email address and select the format to receive the deleted messages. After you request your data, Instagram will email you the data within the next 14 days.
How To View Comments On Instagram
  • After you receive the email, open it and click on ‘Download data.’
  • You can download a .zip file with all your data, including comments.
  • If you want to view it on an Android phone, download any app to unzip the downloaded files, and then download Json Genie or any other JSON file reader to view all your comments on Instagram.

FAQs On Viewing Comments On Instagram

How to hide offensive words and comments on Instagram?

The app lets you hide offensive words and comments on Instagram to make it a safe platform for Instagram. When the comments have common offensive words, Instagram might hide them automatically. The setting is turned on by default, but you can turn it off anytime. You can even filter out comments with certain offensive words and phrases you don’t like. You can turn on the filtering through settings.

Can I see my vanished messages on Instagram?

When you turn on Vanish mode on Instagram, every message or call you to send from then on will disappear after the recipient sees them. You also will be able to see if the message or any media has been seen or replayed or if someone screenshots them. 
After the vanish mode has been turned off, both the people in the conversation won’t be able to see the messages. Unlike other messages, you can’t even retrieve the vanish mode messages by downloading the Instagram data. 

Will someone know if I mute them on Instagram?

Instagram won’t notify users if someone mutes them on Instagram. They can’t know if someone has muted them. Instagram has made it more accessible for users to hide posts and stories from people they dislike without letting others know. The muted person will not have a hint that you have muted their posts. They might be noticing you haven’t liked their posts on Instagram, but that doesn’t denote that you have muted them.

How to turn off your Instagram comments?

You can turn off your Instagram comments to prevent people from commenting on your posts. Turning it off will not only prevent people from commenting, but it will also hide the old comments on the post.
To turn off commenting, tap the three dots on your post and Select Turn Off Commenting. 

Can you hide someone’s comment without them knowing?

Yes, you can hide and delete someone’s comment without letting them know.
If some comment is bothering you on your profile, you can delete the comment without the person knowing. To delete the comment, tap on the comment and select Restrict user. Now, Tap on ‘Restrict Account’ and then Select Delete Comment. 

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