How To View Deleted Instagram Account?

If you are in search for a way to view an Instagram account after it has been deactivated, then there are various third-party applications you can use. These apps will help you view the content of your old Instagram account and even recover it entirely if you wish to do so. Read the post to learn How To View Deleted Instagram Account.

Use Third-Party Apps To View Deleted Instagram Account

Find a list of some of the most popular third-party apps which can help in viewing deleted Instagram accounts:

  1. Wayback Machine and Social Catfish (free)
  2. Spokeo (free)
  3. TruthFinder (free)
  4. BeenVerified(paid)

Using Wayback Machine and Social Catfish 

Follow the steps below on How To View Deleted Instagram Account through Wayback Machine and Social Catfish.

Step 1: Visit the Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World Wide Web and other information on the internet. Wayback Machine allows you to see old versions of web pages that have changed or been deleted from their original location. You can use Wayback if you want to view a deleted Instagram account or any other website.

The Wayback Machine is a digital archive of the World Wide Web and other information on the internet.

Step 2: Enter the Instagram profile URL of the deleted account

  • Enter the Instagram profile URL of the deleted account

You can find someone’s Instagram profile by entering their name into a search bar on any browser. If you don’t know what an individual’s username is, use one of these third-party sites:

Step 3: Choose a year

To view the cached page, click the colored dots in the calendar. (If you come across an Instagram login page, try the earlier dates.) You can enter the URL once you have a date to work with. When prompted for a username and password, use “test” for both. It will redirect you to a page titled “Instagram Login.” Most users see this when attempting to log in through an unauthorized access point.

Once there, you can choose from the list of dates on the left-hand side or click on one of them using your cursor (or mouse). You’ll be taken to pages that have been cached for each date selected. These are pages as they appeared in their respective years—and since Instagram has been around since 2010, some of these may look quite different from today’s offerings.

Bonus: Once you’ve found the cached page, upload the image to Social Catfish to look for more information

If you can’t see the original account but are still curious about the profile and its owner, there’s another way to get information: social media analysis. Social Catfish is a tool designed for this purpose. Using Social Catfish, you can upload an image of a deleted Instagram account’s profile page, and it will provide you with info that may help you identify them.

  1. Who they are (their name, age, location)
  2. Their followers’ names and locations
  3. The number of likes they have on their latest posts
  4. Their recent posts (and which ones were liked by whom)

Step 4: Visit Social Catfish

Visit Social Catfish, the official website of the software. On the homepage, you can see a search bar with three options: “Images,” “Video,” and “Groups.” You need to select Images for your Search.

You need to select Images for your Search.

Step 5: Upload an image and then press the Search button

You will be taken to a page with two sections, one for the text of your search results and another for images. The text section displays words and phrases found in deleted Instagram accounts. The images section shows all the photos shared on those accounts.

After that, upload an image or video file you want to find on Instagram. You can upload an image or video from your device’s gallery or capture it directly from within this app by clicking on the camera icon at the top-right corner of your screen. Pressing this button will open up a camera interface so you can capture any image/video via live feed before uploading it later on the Social Catfish platform itself. Once done uploading an image/video file successfully (or even more than one), press the Search button at the bottom right corner of the screen now.

You don’t have to scroll through each account individually because they’re organized into categories based on their username. Just click on any category name or number at the top of your screen to filter out all other results except those from individuals who match your search criteria (for example, if you want only people whose usernames contain “Kristin“).

Step 6: Social Catfish may need a few minutes to search the database

After that, unlock the profile and get the information you require. This will take time, depending on the number of people who have recently deleted their accounts. When the Search is complete, your account will be unlocked, and you can view its profile information in full detail.

Using Spokeo 

Follow the steps below on How To View Deleted Instagram Account using Spokeo.

Step 1: Visit Spokeo

The first step to using Spokeo is to visit the website. The URL is

Enter your Instagram username and press the Search Now button.

Step 2: Enter your Instagram username and press the Search Now button.

Once you’re on the site, you’ll need to enter your search term into the appropriate box at the top of the screen (this can be anything, but we recommend joining “Instagram“). Then click on “Search.”

Step 3: Spokeo may take a moment to search the database. 

This is a straightforward tool to use. You only need to enter the name of the person you are looking for, which will give you access to their social media profiles. The service also allows you to view contact information such as phone numbers and addresses so that if you need additional information, then all that is required is filling in a few more fields for Spokeo to find these details themselves.

Once a match has been found, users can unlock their report, which contains photos and available accounts on more than 120 social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

FAQs On Deleted Instagram Account

What happens to an Instagram account that is deleted?

If you have decided to delete your Instagram account, it is permanent and cannot be recovered. Once an account is deleted, all the associated data is permanently removed from the servers. This includes photos, videos, comments, Likes, and followers.

Is it possible to hack a deleted Instagram account?

Most people who have a deleted Instagram account think it is impossible to hack a deleted Instagram account. But that’s not true. There are many ways for you to hack a deleted Instagram account and get back data, including pictures, videos, messages, and other things that were shared with friends on the platform.

How does a disabled Instagram account appear?

A disabled Instagram account will appear as a gray silhouette, and you won’t be able to see the profile photo, username, or bio. You won’t be able to follow, like, or comment on posts in a disabled user’s feed. However, you can still see the profile’s followers and who they follow.

What causes people to delete their Instagram accounts?

There are many reasons why people delete their Instagram accounts. Some of the most common causes include:
1. They want to start fresh
2. They don’t like the content being posted by other users and want to avoid being contacted by them
3. They don’t like the content being posted by businesses and want to avoid being approached by them as well
4. They don’t want any friends or family members who follow them on Instagram anymore, so they feel it’s best for everyone involved if they go ahead and delete their account

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