How To View Old Call History On iPhone?

How To View Old Call History On iPhone?

Are you having trouble accessing your call history on your iPhone? You’re not the only one. The call history might contain some information about any event which needs to know, but all you get is don’t know how to view the old call history on your iPhone.

Apple’s recent software update may have caused a glitch, causing people to lose access to their call histories. It is an alarming trend, considering how much information the call history contains, such as caller ID, date and time of the call, duration of the call, etc. You can also learn how to see blocked calls on iPhone as well as see old notifications on iPhone.

In this article, you will better understand the steps and features through which you can view your older call history.

So let’s dig inside the article to find out what you seek.

What Is Call History, And How To View Old Call History On iPhone?

Call history is a well-organized list of the numbers of various cellular companies on which the consumers registered and contacted you. 

The call histories could be crucial when you need a piece of evidence against someone who tries to harass or threaten you on a phone call.

That is why we have brought this step-by-step guide below to view the old call history on your iPhone. 

Steps To View Old Call History On iPhone

Three simple steps will allow you to view your old call history on your iPhone. let’s start.

  1. Tap On Call Logo On iPhone Home Screen
Tap On Call Logo On iPhone Home Screen

Tap and open the green color logo app icon with a call sign in it. Located mostly at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Scroll Down And Look According To Date Or Day
Scroll Down And Look According To Date Or Day

Now all the call history will appear with two options. One shows all, and the other one is missed. Find the recent one to stick to all history options.

  1. From Last You Can View All Old Call History On iPhone
From Last You Can View All Old Call History On iPhone

When you scroll down to last, you will see the date you started your calls. Now you can find the details about your old call data by date and time.


How Do I See My Full Call History On iPhone?

Kindly follow the steps below to see your full call history on your iPhone:
1. Unlock your iPhone and open the phone app
2. You will see the option recent tap on it
3. Now all the call logs will be shown on your iPhone
4. One thing to keep in mind is that the iPhone will only show you the last 100 calls log
5. To see full call logs, you need to

How Much Duration Of Call History Can Be Seen On iPhone?

The iPhone has no duration limit on call history, but it only allows 100 recent calls on the list. So if you want to see all the call history, then you need to see them on your cloud storage data.

Can I Get My iPhone Call History From iPhone?

Yes, you can get your iPhone call history by simply going into the app and tapping on recent, where you will get the last 100 call histories. And if you want the older history, you can scroll down to last to view the older one.

Does My Calls History Save On iCloud?

Your call history is automatically saved on iCloud when you log in to your Apple ID. The automatic sync option needs to turn on in the settings, and then all your call history records will be saved on iTunes.

Can I Retrieve My Deleted Call History Without Any Backup?

Without iCloud backup, you won’t be able to retrieve your deleted call history. So if you want to save all call history data on your iPhone, then make sure you have a working backup in iCloud.
There is no other way that Apple allows individuals to make any backup on iPhone rather than iCloud. Any third-party app other than the app store will not work and will be banned by the system. So please ensure you don’t install any irrelevant backup app on your iPhone.

Where Can You Find Deleted Call History On iPhone?

Apple officially doesn’t have any deleted all history backup app, but there are multiple ways to find deleted call history on iPhone. You need to follow these simple steps to retrieve deleted call history on your iPhone:
1. Install the phone rescue app on your laptop or iOS
2. Now select recover data from iCloud
3. You will be asked to sign in to your iCloud account
4. After signing in, choose the iCloud backup option
5. Retrieve your required backup and then scan it
6. The history of all deleted data will be shown
7. Please select the required data and download it

Why Am I Not Finding My iPhone Call History?

Follow these quick steps to enable your iPhone call history:
1. Open your iPhone settings
2. Open General settings
3. Scroll down to reset the option
4. Select the network reset option
5. Read all the instructions and precautions
6. Complete the network resetting on your iPhone
7. Now open your phone app on your iPhone
8. You may review your recent calls history now


These simple-to-understand steps will allow you to view all phone activities with just a few clicks of your mouse or tap on your touchscreen. 

You can also remove your call history manually. Otherwise, according to the iPhone software system, your recent call history of more than 100 logs automatically deletes the numbers above 100.

So if you find this guide useful about “how to view call history on iPhone, ” share your feedback with us. It would be a pleasure to provide your more helpful content like this for the future.

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