How to View Old Profile Pictures on Instagram?

An Instagram profile sets you apart when someone is searching for you on Instagram. It could be your selfie or logo for your brand, and when someone searches your Instagram username, they can easily identify your account using your profile picture. People have a habit of changing their Instagram profile pictures, and even on public accounts, it can be difficult to view someone’s profile. What if you want to access your old profile pictures? Read on to find out.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to View Old Profile Pictures on Instagram

There is no way of maximizing a profile picture on Instagram, and your best chance of viewing someone’s Instagram picture is if they have posted their image on their Instagram highlights or Story. Still, if it’s your profile picture that you are trying to keep track of old profile pictures, there is a trick you can use. The good news is that all your profile pictures get saved on your phone’s gallery, meaning if you open your file manager, you should access the Instagram profile, including the old pictures.

Here’s how to enable saving Instagram pictures to your gallery.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone, Android, or iPhone.
How to View Old Profile Pictures on Instagram

2. Use your credentials to log in to your account.

3. Once logged in, click on your profile icon at the bottom.

Click on your profile icon

4. Next, tap the three lines at the top to open the menu.

Tap to open the menu

5. Click on settings from the options that appear.

Click on settings from the option

6. Locate the Account and click on it.

Locate account and click on it

7. Navigate to Original Photos.

How to View Old Profile Pictures on Instagram

8. Here, the trick is to enable the available options, including “Save original posts.”

How to View Old Profile Pictures on Instagram

Once you’ve enabled the feature, all your Instagram profiles will automatically get saved to your phone’s gallery. Furthermore, anything you upload on Instagram will create a local copy on your gallery. Therefore, the next time you change your Instagram profile, you will get the picture saved on your gallery until you disable the feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I View Someone’s Instagram Profile Picture?

Unfortunately, you can’t zoom on someone’s Instagram profile as you would on other platforms like WhatsApp. However, you can search for online tools that allow viewing of Instagram profile pictures, provided you have the Instagram username of your target profile. However, be keen when using these online tools and refrain from those that require your details to work.

How Can I View My Old Profile Pictures on Instagram?

There is no direct way of viewing your old Instagram profile pictures. Nonetheless, Instagram offers a feature that allows saving the original post, including the Instagram profile picture. Once you enable the saving of all original posts that you upload on Instagram, you can then access any profile that you upload on Instagram on your phone’s gallery.

Why Can’t I View Someone’s Instagram Profile?

Instagram is not like other social platforms where you can tap on someone’s profile picture and get a view of their entire profile picture. Instead, you can only access all their posts if they have set their account as public. If lucky, you may get the same picture set as their profile picture is among their posted pictures on their Instagram story or highlights.

Is It Possible to View Someone’s Private Instagram Profile?

No, it’s not possible. A private account prevents people from accessing the profile. However, if you’ve followed that person and they followed you back, you can access their Instagram profile even if they have set it private. Ideally, your only option for accessing a private Instagram account is if you follow each other with your target person on Instagram.

How Can I Save Someone’s Instagram Profile Picture?

There is no direct way of saving someone’s Instagram profile, especially since there is no means of viewing someone’s Instagram profile image. However, some third-party tools claim to help save an Instagram profile picture. You can search for them online, provided you have your target person’s Instagram username. You may have luck saving their profile picture.


Instagram pictures are part of anyone’s memory. At some point, your old profile pictures meant something special to you. However, keeping track of your old profile Instagram pictures is only possible if you’ve enabled the saving of posts to your gallery. If so, you can access your profile pictures on your gallery. All the best.

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