How To View Private Instagram Profiles Reddit?

A private Instagram profile is the only thing most users want to view when that person’s profile picture is so attractive. That may be a girl whose profile picture is pretty, and you desperately want to know her, and she didn’t allow you to see her profile.  That is a more awkward situation because you don’t want to ask her to allow you to view her profile. That is because you are a shy person and interested in that person. So, how to view private Instagram profiles on Reddit?

The Instagram profile view with privacy activation is the problem that every stalker faces. Don’t worry; in this article, you will learn every aspect of this problem.

So, let’s jump into the article to discover the answer to your curiosity that makes you learn this deeper.

You may also learn how to see private Instagram accounts.

What is a Private Instagram account?

Instagram private Account provides you more security and privacy than a public Instagram account. On a public Instagram account, you can view any post and story of that profile without their consent. 

On the other hand, in a private Instagram profile, you cannot view any post or story until that person allows you to follow her. The people who follow you only can see the videos and posts you share on your profile.

Can You View Private Instagram Profiles on Reddit?

Various online portals believed they could grant you access to Instagram private accounts. But they are all fake because Instagram is a multi-billion-dollar platform with multiple offices in different countries.

The Instagram algorithm is so robust that no one can access this platform’s private profiles except for some conditions. The online websites claiming they can provide you access are just scams. 

Most of them ask you to add the profile username, and ads appear on your window screen. They will ask you to watch ads and download apps or software useless to view that Instagram profile.

When you watch all the ads and download the software, the process will start again and again. So better follow the original rules of Instagram to view a private profile instead of using some third-party software which also causes your privacy at risk.

When you are running a business with some private or expensive pictures that you may not share with anyone else except someone’s account feature is heaven for you to keep your things away from stalkers.

There are several reasons why a private Instagram account is suitable for most brands. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. Exclusive Feel

 The followers you are allowed to follow will feel more comfortable and special because no one else can see your brand’s premium features except them.

  1. Quality Followers

When you don’t allow everyone to join your page or profile, your following will only be those who love your content or brand. You can also make quality content for your followers in this condition.

  1. More Followers

The brand-conscious people who love to explore brands as your profile will try to know what’s inside your profile. 

When your followers repost your content on their profiles, there are more chances that people will come to check your profile by following you.

  1. More Access and Control On your Account

The actual value can provide a small, selected audience only interested in your brand as a customer. You can easily target your brand sales by following choices and getting the required profit.


Can We View A Private Instagram Account Without Following?

No, because Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to view a private Instagram profile without following them. Back in 2014, there were a few methods to consider a personal Instagram profile by changing source codes.
When the bug was discovered later, Facebook removed that bug, and after 2018, there was no other way to view a private Instagram profile without following. 

Is There Any Legit Website That Allows You To View A Private Instagram Profile?

Multiple websites offer the services to view an Instagram profile, but when you try to use them, you may get disappointed. They kept loading and loading to keep you present on their website to increase your presence and boost your web rank.

Some offer to download the third-party software, and then there will be no use for them associated with this problem. 
The website will ask you to watch ads and other scams to get account access. You might get your private information leaked on these platforms as well.
So try to stay away from these scams and try the white hat method, asking that person to allow you to view their profile.

How Do I See Private Instagram Profile Posts?

You need to follow the legit method to view a private Instagram profile which is given as follows:
Open your Instagram profile
Search the personal Account whom you want to see the posts
Request the profile by tapping on the follow button
Wait until that person accepts your request
After request acceptance, you can see every post, video, and story of that profile

Do Insta lookers provide you access to view your private profile?

No, these types of all websites that claim to provide you any private Instagram account access are total scams. 
This platform first asks you to enter the email or username and then direct you to that profile’s Instagram page without giving you any access. 

Can Instagram ban your Account?

Yes, your Account can be banned if you cross the community guidelines limits. The community guidelines on their platform indicate several punishments in case anyone goes beyond those borders.
If you use any of these scam websites and try to illegally access someone’s private Instagram profile on Reddit, then your Account might get banned from Instagram.


Accessing someone’s private Instagram profile is the talk of the community nowadays. Despite all these third-party software and website tools, you cannot get access to any personal profile.

The only legit way to access these profiles is through following them. It depends on whether you follow them by your original profile or by some fake ID that won’t cost you any profile ban. But honesty is probably the most genuine and respectable way to access private Instagram profiles on Reddit.

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