How to View Sent Requests on Instagram?

The widely used and popular social media app Instagram allows users to make their accounts private or public. Many privacy-conscious users prefer to make their accounts private, so only the followers can see the content they share. 

The users can also send follow requests on Instagram. If you, too, have sent abundant follow requests which are still on the pending list, you may want to cancel them. 

But how to view sent requests on Instagram? Keep reading to find out how to see the usernames whom you have sent follow requests on Instagram.

You might also wonder how to view the blocked lists on your Instagram account.

View Sent Requests on Instagram Using Mobile Phone or Desktop

Instagram users sometimes wish to see the list of sent requests that aren’t approved to cancel them. Formerly, Instagram offered a simple option, “Access data,” to view sent requests easily. But now it is updated and doesn’t let users use this option anymore.

Since Instagram has removed the Access data option from the app, the users would need to view sent requests through a website browser.

Follow the steps mentioned below to view sent requests on Instagram:

  1. Open Google or any other browser on your mobile phone and go to
Open the Google browser or any other browser
  1. The next screen will ask you for your email address, username, phone number, and password. Enter the details and log into your account.
The next screen will ask you for your email address,
  1. Here you will see your Account Data. Scroll down and select “Current Follow Requests” under the “Connections” section.
Scroll down and select “Current Follow Requests” under the “Connections” section.
  1. The current Follow Requests page will display a list of accounts (usernames) that you requested to follow and aren’t accepted by the people.
The current Follow Requests page will display a list of accounts

You can follow the same procedure to view sent requests on Instagram through the desktop.


How do I check who I requested on Instagram 2022?

Go to Instagram’s account access tool from your browser and look for Connections. Under connections, you should be able to see “Current follow requests.” Once you click on it, you will see a list of usernames that you requested to follow.

How can I cancel all sent requests on Instagram 2022?

Instagram does not allow you to cancel all sent requests at once. You will need to search for a username individually on Instagram to cancel requests by looking at the list of current follow requests from the Connections section.

What happens when you delete a request on Instagram?

When you delete a sent request on Instagram, your follow request to someone disappears. However, when you delete someone’s request to follow you, the other person will see the “follow” option on your Instagram profile and can send you a request again.

Can you take back a request on Instagram?

If you want to take back a request on Instagram, you would need to check the profile of the person you requested to follow. To delete several follow requests, simply copy/paste the username on Instagram and cancel the following request. Repeat the same process for other accounts.

Can you request again on Instagram?

Open a follow request on Instagram and select confirm to accept the request or delete it. If you delete a request, the other person will be able to send a request again unless you block them on Instagram. 

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