How To View the Second Floor in Sims 4 PS4?

PS4 can be an addictive game because it is very interesting and enables simmers to be creative and live their fantasy. If you migrated to Sims 5 after its release, you could agree it offers more challenges than Sims 4. But still, sims 4 remains interesting for enabling gamers to live the fantasy and enhance creativity. Transitioning from sims 5 to 4 will make you realize the game has evolved. Many gamers worry their sims 4 won’t let them view the second floor. If you have found yourself in such a situation, read this guide to solve the issue! In this article, we will talk about How To View the Second Floor in Sims 4 PS4?

How To View the Second Floor in Sims 4 PS4

The best thing about sims 4 is the newly introduced feature that enables simmers to view the second floor and any other floor. Maybe you want to take your sims 4 to have an experience on the second floor, and you are having trouble getting to the upper level.

How To View the Second Floor in Sims 4 PS4

It doesn’t matter what reason is making you go upstairs because we will highlight the various means you can use to view the second floor. 

1. Use Page Up on Your Keyboard

The easiest way to view the second floor in sims 4 is by using the Page Up button on your keyboard. Once you hit page up, you will quickly glimpse the second floor.

2. Use the Up Arrow on the Screen

The other way can view the second floor is by using the up arrow on the top-right corner of the screen. The arrows have been used for a long time to switch between floors, and there is no need to worry that it won’t work. 

3. Use Build Mode

Another way of viewing the second floor in Sims 4 is by using the Sims inventory and clicking on Build Mode. Once you click in this mode, you can go to the floor you wish to view and tap on it. 

Sims 4 allows gamers to make all the changes they wish and visit any house floor. If you want to take any of the sims to the bedroom, you can freely do that. However, if you find it hard to accomplish any of these, you may be forced to restart your game.

FAQs On How To View the Second Floor in Sims 4 PS4

How Do I View the Second Floor in Sims4 PS4?

Sims 4 allows gamers to make any changes they wish, depending on their budget. If you wish to take any sim to the bedroom upstairs or interact with any feature, it is possible to use the screen’s arrows. You can also use the page-up keyboard key to move to a floor above. The other method of viewing the second floor is clicking on build mode and selecting the floor you want to view. 

How Does Sims 4 PS5 Work in Changing Floors?

It is not different to change floors in PS5 as it works the same as in PS4. Gamers in PS4 use the build mode to select a floor to change to. You can apply the same thing in PS5. First, open the build mode of your game and choose the Floor tab. Once the floors are active, you can easily select any floor to move to.

Can I See Through the Sims 4 Walls?

Nothing is impossible for gamers. Viewing through the walls of Sims 4 has been made easier using a given cheat code. If you wish to see through objects, especially walls, use “showhiddenobjects on.” The code will enable you to see all house and furniture objects. Additionally, any hidden objects will be shown. 

How Do I Go Downstairs in Sims 4?

There is no big deal to get downstairs in sims 4 because there are various ways of achieving that. The first way to get to a floor downwards is using the page down key on your keyboard. Additionally, the downwards key on the screen can take you downstairs, depending on how many times you click on it. If you want to go to the floor below, click the downward arrow once. Otherwise, when you click it twice, you go two floors downwards.

Why Can’t I View the Second Floor on Sims 4?

After the recent changes on Sims 4, it may be hard to view a floor. The standard keys that people were used to may get limited, although it happens rarely. In such a case, you may need to restart your game. Some users confirmed they solved the issue when they restarted their game and tried accessing it again. You may not like restarting a game, but it may be the only way to solve the issue.


Sims 4 has undergone recent changes that may make it work differently. If you have used the game before, you can confirm that the game is not challenging but very interesting. It allows gamers to lie the fantasy and e creative but sometime may fail to achieve small functions. Read this guide to view the second floor on Sims 4!

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