How To Wake Someone Over The iPhone?

After a long day, resting is crucial for your body to function effectively the next day. This rest can sometimes be so deep that you lose track of time. Typically, you’d set your iPhone to “Do not disturb” to disable all distracting notifications. This experience can happen to someone else—it could be your colleague at work, your best friend, or even your kids. Let us help you with How To Wake Someone Over The iPhone?

There are several traditional ways to wake someone. You can walk into their room and tap them. If they don’t wake up, you can scream their name—not working?—sprinkle water on their face.

What if you are not around to wake them as usual? You’d probably be looking for an alternative to that. Calling them on the phone to ask if they are awake could work, but not for one who has turned on do not disturb. Don’t be in haste to conclude that you can’t wake them over the iPhone.

In three words, yes, you can. In this article, we’ll show you several ways you can wake someone up over the iPhone. Let’s wake them up!

How To Wake Someone Over On The iPhone

There are a variety of apps on the app store that can assist you in waking someone even if their phone is in silent mode. Quickly, let’s dive into how to wake up your someone remotely.

#1 Find My iPhone.

This method of getting someone up requires that the Person’s iPhone is in the same family on iCloud with you. Once you’ve ensured that you’re part of the same family, then do this:

  1. Launch Find My iPhone.
  1. Tap on Devices
  1. Tap on the Person’s iPhone
  1. Tap play Sound
play sound

This sound will play a tune on the Person’s iPhone, even in silent mode.

#2 FaceTime call

Now you’d be wondering why we mentioned FaceTime. You can make a FaceTime call to someone when they are asleep to wake them up. All you have to do is call them repeatedly in a row. If you suspect they have Do Not Disturb turned on, keep calling. It will ring out loudly—mainly from the second call.

#3 Galarm APP

This software is one of the best you can find around, and it comes in handy when you want to wake someone up on the iPhone. Typically, the iPhone’s pre-installed alarm app only rings on your phone; with Galarm, you can extend the Alarm to another person.

Here’s how to use the Galarm app to wake someone up on the iPhone:

  1. Install the Galarm app from the app store on both iPhones.
  1. Open the Galarm App and permit it to access notifications.
  1. Tap the + icon to create an alarm.
  1. Tap New Alarm.
  1. Tap Someone Else.
How To Wake Someone Over The iPhone
  1. Tap on Invite Manually, then enter the name and number of the Person you want to wake up.
  1. Tap on the Contact after the Person has accepted to initiate an alarm with you. Now, set the alarm date and time.
alarm setting
  1. Finally, tap Save.

#4 Wake Me

Unlike the Galarm app, Wake Me is a social alarm clock that sends alerts between two or more people. In Wake Me, instead of music or sound for wake-up alerts, it uses videos from friends and family.

You’ll have to set the time and date on the Person’s phone instead of yours. You’d also record a wake-up video sent to the Person. Using the app is relatively easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Download the app on both iPhones.
  1. Create an Alarm, Date, And Reason.
  1. Select the friend you want to send video messages to when the Alarm goes off.

Immediately after the Alarm goes off, Wake Me will notify you to record a video of 15 seconds. This video will help the Person wake up with a smile.

#5 Using Pre-installed Alarm

This traditional way is the easiest way to wake someone up, but the disadvantage is that you don’t have control of the Person’s phone. To wake up someone on the iPhone using a pre-installed Alarm.

  1. Launch Alarm on the Person’s phone.
  1. Set the time and day for every day or select your preferred days. And then click done.
iphone alarm

That’s all. The Alarm will ring regularly on the Person’s iPhone as long as they don’t turn it off.


How To Stop Alarm From Vibrating On Your iPhone?

The iPhone comes with several convenient features in the alarm app. When placed on a surface, vibration can be unpleasant to the senses. To turn off vibration, open Alarm and choose the Alarm you want to stop vibrating. Tap sound, tap vibration, scroll down and tap none.

Can I Send An Emergency Alert To Someone’s iPhone?

Yes, you can send an emergency alert to someone’s iPhone. Government-approved systems like the FEMA Integrated Public Alert And Warning System are the only means to send emergency alerts. This system directly sends alerts across iPhones and other devices.

Why Is My iPhone Screen Not Working?

There are a dozen reasons why your screen is not working. One of the primary reasons is a broken screen or touchscreen controller that needs replacement. If your screen is not showing any image, it could be that there’s not enough power in your battery. If your battery is weak, try recharging it or, better yet, replacing it.

What Happens To My iPhone If I Delete My Apple Account?

When you delete your Apple account, Apple will erase all your details linked to that account. These details include purchased music, apps, and other paid services. You could restore your details to a new Apple ID if you did a backup before deleting your account.

How Do I Set Up Fingerprint Lock On My iPhone?

The iPhone requires you to create a passcode before accessing the fingerprint security feature. After setting up your passcode launch settings, tap Touch ID & passcode. Enter your passcode accurately. Once access has been granted, tap Fingerprint and add your fingerprints using the scanner.
Now that you have learned how to wake someone over the iPhone, you can help that friend avoid missing that interview because of sleep.

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