How to Watch PS4 Clips on iPhone?

For some gamers, playing their PS4 games is almost as enjoyable as sharing screen recordings of their game-winning moments or horrible blunders. Typically, users share their clips via the PlayStation app. However, not everybody has access to that. You can try out the steps below if you want to watch PS4 clips on your iPhone and share them with others.

Load the clip on a USB drive 

  1. Get a USB drive. Choose one that has enough storage for your chosen PS4 clips. 
  2. Connect the USB drive to the PS4. You will find a USB port at the front of the console. 
  3. Go to the main menu, then open up Library. This should be located at the very right of the screen.
Go to the main menu then open up Library
  1. Afterward, navigate to applications, then select Capture Gallery. 
Afterward, navigate to applications then select Capture Gallery
  1. After selecting Capture Gallery, select which game your clip was from or simply press “All” if it was recent. Then press  “Options” on the PS4 controller. 
How to Watch PS4 Clips on iPhone
  1. Select the “Copy to USB storage device” option.
How to Watch PS4 Clips on iPhone
  1. Wait, then your USB drive should have the clip stored on it. Connect your USB to a laptop or PC, then send it to yourself. This can be done by sending it to your own account on messaging apps such as Messenger or Viber, or you could send it to another person’s DMs and access it from your iPhone. Alternatively, you can use online storage websites such as Google Drive to upload and access it from your iPhone. There are multiple ways to go about this step.

FAQs On How To Watch PS4 Clips on iPhone

How do I watch my PS4 clips?

To view any of your saved screenshots and video clips, go to “Capture Gallery” in the content area. To sort the videos and photos, press the “Options” button on the controller. You will be able to arrange the media by filename or date. You can also delete and transfer content from there.

Can you watch your PlastStation clips on the PlayStation app?

Yes. You can enable the auto-upload feature on your PlayStation console that is connected to your account. Go to the app and select “Library.” Once there, select “Captures.” You can also opt to download the captures on your devices from the app.

Why can’t I see my captures on the PlayStation app?

Check if your console is linked to the PlayStation app. Next, make sure that the captures have been uploaded. Leave the PlayStation on Rest mode and enable its “Connected to the Internet” setting to upload all of your captures. Go to Settings and select the “Captures and Broadcasts” option. In the Captures menu, switch on the auto-upload function.

How do I transfer video captures from the PS4 to my phone without using a USB?

Go to the “Capture Gallery” on your console. Select the video clip that you want to share and click on the “Share” button.

Can I transfer clips from the PS4 to my laptop?

Yes. Connect a USB drive to the console. Go to the Capture Gallery and choose the video you want to copy. Highlight it and press the “Options” button on the controller. Choose the “Copy to USB Storage Device” option. Once the console finishes copying the video onto the drive, remove it. Connect the drive to your laptop and open the storage device. You can now copy the video contained in it to any folder on your laptop.

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