How to watch videos on TikTok without an account?

Since the initial release of TikTok in September 2016, no one has ever thought that this platform would gain so much user attention, not even Byte Dance, who has developed this application. But with time, the craze for TikTok has increased due to its functionality of short content sharing. You can upload video content, from pranks to tricks, dance to entertainment, and many more. Due to its growing craze, some people want to access this application without creating an account. Now the million-dollar question arises about how to watch videos on TikTok without an account.

So, to answer this question, there are many speculations such as there are high chances that they do not want to get stick to this application, or maybe they perceive it as addictive, or they are embarrassed to let their colleagues, friend, and family know they are using this application, or they think it is time consuming or maybe they have other issues. You can also search on TikTok without an account on the platform.

To understand why people want to watch videos on TikTok without having an account? We have done deep research and come to know that following are the reason why people want to access this application without an account:

Why do People Prefer To Watch Videos On TikTok Without An Account?

  1. Personal Privacy: People take personal privacy more seriously than ever. It is because they are reluctant to create an account over applications like Tiktok while still watching the content they like.
  2. Geo Restrictions: There are certain countries out there that have banned TikTok due to their reasons. Additionally, the app has placed restrictions on people belonging to specific countries. This is another reason people do not want to create a TikTok account. However, they use VPNs to access the content.
  3. Limited Content requirement: Often, people check or access the content of certain or popular users only; that is why they do not want to get involved in the hassle of creating the account.
  4. Inappropriate Content: People do not like to create an account over TikTok due to the inappropriate content. There are conditions in which a single device is in use by parents and the children, due to which the concerned parent does not want to create an account over Tiktok to safeguard the privacy and safety of their children.
  5. Child Safety:  TikTok accounts are by default public; this is why your child can be a victim of online bullying or be contacted by a stranger directly. Considering this risk, people do not like to create a TikTok account. 
  6. Time-consuming: TikTok requires your attention, time, and effort, whether you are consuming the content or creating it, so most people would like to avoid creating an account over this app.

Above are a few reasons people do not like to create an account over TikTok and would like to watch the videos without creating an account. Now, as we have understood the situation, let’s move on to the step-by-step procedure to access the content without having an account over TikTok.

Step by Step procedure to watch videos on TikTok without an account 

As we know, some people are reluctant to create a TikTok account for various reasons, so at times it becomes their requirement to use TikTok without an account. The below steps will explain the whole procedure.

Method 1: Accessing Tiktok without an app or account (On Mobile)

To access TikTok over mobile without an app or an account, you can use the below steps:

Step 1: Open any of the browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) 

How to watch videos on TikTok without an account?

Step 2: Now type

tiktok on web browser

Step 3: Press three dots   to go into settings (as we are using Chrome, but other browsers might have a different option)

Step 4: Place the check mark in front of “Desktop Site.”

chrome menu

Step 5: Now, you can access TikTok without any app and without signing into any account.

Method 2: Accessing the TikTok videos without an app or account (On PC)

Similar to mobile, you can watch TikTok videos over PC. The method is quite similar to what we have seen on mobile accounts:

Step 1: Whether you are using Windows 10, 11, Mac, or Linux, you only need a browser to access TikTok from the laptop or computer.  Type

tiktok on desktop mode

Step 2: Move your mouse pointer to the Top-Left corner of the screen to click on “For You.”

tiktok home

Step 3: You can access the TikTok videos without any account.

You can scroll the videos either via mouse scroller or with the help of the “UP” and “DOWN” arrow keys. You can mute or unmute the audio by pressing “M.”

Note: The only disadvantage of using TikTok without a valid account is that you cannot like or comment on any video.

Method 3: Accessing the TikTok Videos via Third Party app

This is one of the bonus methods; in this way, you can access the TikTok content via third-party websites. Some of the top websites that are providing you access to TikTok videos are as follows:


Method 4: Accessing the TikTok Videos via YouTube

Another way of watching the TikTok videos is by using the YouTube app, which can provide you access to channels continuously uploading the viral TikTok videos. Most TikTokers are also available over YouTube and uploading their content over it.

The great thing about this method is it allows us to comment, like, and subscribe to the content and TikToker of our choice.


Does access to a TikTok video without an account have disadvantages?

Yes, accessing TikTok without signing in to an account has a few shortcomings, such as you can’t like or comment on the video, upload or share the content, TikTok lives feature is of no use, and you can’t follow your favorite TikTok. 

Does TikTok videos has a time limit?

Yes, TikTok supports videos from 60 seconds to 10-minute lengths.  

Can we download the TikTok Video without an account?

No, you can’t download the videos or have any way to save them on your device without an account.

Does the content owner know I have watched their video without an account?

No, this is not possible; your presence will remain anonymous while watching videos without an account. 

Can we see the TikTok videos on any other platform?

Yes, there are many third-party sites where you can watch TikTok videos; some popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. 


TikTok is a popular video-sharing app that has suddenly gained craze among people of every age. Still, some individuals do not want to join this community due to privacy, time consumption, and many others. But they want to access the content shared by others.

So, for this reason, we have mentioned a couple of ways to watch TikTok videos without having an account. Hope you will find this article interesting.     

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