How To Win Giveaways On Instagram?

How To Win Giveaways On Instagram? This is one of the most asked questions by many Instagram users, and why not? Everyone loves gifts of any kind, which is why many brands strive to grab attention by offering timely giveaways. 

If you’ve spent hours watching random people win cash prizes on Instagram and thinking, ‘What exactly do I need to win giveaways on Instagram? you’re in luck! This guide will show you the tips and tricks you need to win giveaways on Instagram.

Wanna know how to win giveaways on Instagram? Winning giveaways on Instagram can be tough as you compete with thousands of people. However, winning a giveaway on Instagram or anywhere takes more than luck.

Easy-To-Follow guide To Win Giveaways On Instagram

Check out these few tips below to increase your chances.

how to win giveaways on Instagram

1. Follow The Rules

Many people get so excited about the prizes at stake that they don’t pay attention to the rules. Read the post to understand every detail or requirement needed to win and follow the rules accordingly. For example, many giveaways on the Instagram platform outline that you need to follow certain brands or accounts and make specific comments and hashtags to qualify. You have to be sure you meet all the requirements, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on a giveaway because you didn’t add a hashtag to your comment.

A lot of people get so excited about the prizes

2. Go For Specific Giveaways

If you want to learn how to win giveaways on Instagram, you should note that not all giveaways are worth your effort, and many of them are cons. The fewer giveaways you participate in, the more focused you will be, increasing your chances of winning. Here’s the trick.

  • Analyze the account that is offering giveaways to be sure they are real
  • Check to see if they’ve announced giveaways in the past and if people won 
  • Choose giveaways from real brands or accounts you can identify with
  • Avoid accounts that ask you to send money to them in exchange for a bigger sum

3. Always Post Real Photos And Videos On Instagram

People who win more giveaways on Instagram often share original photos and videos on their profiles. Brands and influencers offering giveaways will be more assured that they are giving out gifts to a real person when you have a profile photo of yourself rather than having a photo of a celebrity as your profile picture. To make your Instagram appear authentic, always snap photos and make videos doing just about anything, even if you’re just taking a walk.

4. Follow Actively

If you find an account that offers giveaways regularly, you can follow them and engage their posts often. If you comment and like their posts often, they’ll likely know you are a fan. Also, tag them regularly.

5. Enter Late!

Many Instagram accounts always enter competitions at the last minute, giving them an edge as their entries appear at the top of the search results. Organize and enter the competition just because it closes.

6. Search For Giveaways

You don’t expect to win giveaways on Instagram just by expecting them to appear on your feed. Search keywords like Giveaway, Lucky, Win, Prize, etc. You can search them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Google. This way, you can see more giveaways and increase your chances of winning by selecting what suits you.

How To Win Giveaways On Instagram

BONUS: How To Boost Instagram Following With Giveaways?

Few methods are more reliable for gaining more followers on Instagram than running a giveaway. Instagram giveaways create attention and draw in numerous views and followers. If you’re thinking about how to increase your followers on Instagram, running a giveaway is a great idea. Follow the tips below to get up and running with your first Instagram giveaway.

1. Set Clear Rules

When announcing a giveaway, make sure you set clear rules and stick to them. Set rules such as deadlines, following eligibility, the number of likes and comments, and relevant hashtags. This will help you when deciding on winners while also helping you gain more interactions.

2. Decide On The Price

Decide what price your followers will be gunning for. It could be anything from a product, gift cards, or cash gifts. Choosing a prize that relates to your brand is a good option if you’re promoting a brand. This helps to generate leads and expose your brand to the public.

3. Promote Your Contest

After deciding on the prize and rules for your giveaway contest, the next step should be promoting the contest. Share it with friends, on your stories, and on other social media platforms. You can employ the services of Influencers to help promote your giveaway.

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