How To Zoom On Instagram Stories?

A recent addition to Instagram Stories is the ability to zoom in while creating a story; unsurprisingly, this feature works very similarly to Snapchat’s zoom feature. 

New users to either site might be perplexed by how zooming functions, particularly given that using the conventional pinch-to-zoom technique would be challenging while keeping your finger pressed against the record button on Instagram.

You can also learn how to zoom out a photo on Instagram easily.

Steps to Use Zoom Feature for Stories on Instagram

You must understand how this feature functions in order to use it, right? Here’s how to view other people’s stories and submit your images and videos to your own.

Go to the camera first.

1: Start by opening the Instagram app.

2: Find the plus sign on your profile image to add a story, or select the plus sign from the bottom display menu.

Find the plus sign on your profile image to add a story

3: If you want to capture a picture or record a video, go to the camera. Otherwise, add the picture or video from your phone album.

add the picture or video from your phone album

For video, keep pushing the button, or choose a photo from your phone’s gallery.

Zoom Instagram stories in different modes

You do not just take post simple stories, right? There is a lot you can do with the feature. So, choose the suitable mode for perfect story creation. If you are using it for business, you might want to know all your options. 

Therefore, learn about all the modes and features or hire someone ready to explore your business exposure. 

  • Use zoom in a Normal Mode

By pinching the screen while in “Normal” mode, you can zoom in or out when taking a photo for Instagram Stories. 

Also, press the record button and slide the same finger up/down to zoom in/out when shooting an Insta Story video.

press the record button and slide the same finger up/down to zoom in/out when shooting an Insta Story video.
  • Hand-free mode

Two options are available when zooming in or out using the “Hands-Free” mode. You can pinch the screen to zoom in or out before starting the video recording. Shortly after pressing the record button, the video will automatically be captured. 

Remember! You are in “Hands-Free” mode. That is why there is no need to keep the record button held down. The second method is comparable to past methods for enlarging and decreasing videos for Instagram Stories.

Simply press the record button and wait to zoom in or out. You can zoom in and out of the video by pressing and holding the record button.

You can zoom in and out of the video by pressing and holding the record button.
  • Boomerang Mode

It’s fun to make Instagram Stories and film a video in “Boomerang.” You will discover how to zoom in and out on Instagram Stories using Boomerang’s “Superzoom” feature. 

Holding the record button for a longer period will allow you to zoom in and out while shooting a video for your Instagram Stories. The recording is kept going until the allocated time has passed by holding the button down.

while shooting a video for your Instagram Stories


You may always zoom in or out by changing the speed at which your finger moves. By lifting your finger off the screen, you can get closer to your subject, but remember that digital zoom diminishes the clarity of your video and might make it more unsteady and unstable in your hand. Besides, you must always keep your finger on the shutter button to prevent the recording from ending automatically.


How do you zoom in, on the one hand, on the Instagram story?

Given how closely Instagram’s Stories resemble Snapchat Stories, adding a new feature is not surprising. One-finger zoom is now available on Instagram; to zoom, just hold down the record button while swiping up or down with your finger.

Why does Instagram zoom in on story pictures?

Instagram’s gallery images are automatically adjusted to fit the size of your screen for a more engaging viewing experience. Just pinch two fingers together to zoom out to the original size if you don’t want your photos to be resized.

Why can’t I zoom in on Instagram?

Because Instagram is intended to be a quick and simple photo-sharing software, users cannot zoom in on images when using the program. The app would become more intricate and challenging if users could zoom in.

How do you slow zoom on Instagram?

This question lacks a definite response. Some advise utilizing third-party applications, such as pinch to zoom in and out, while others advise squeezing the screen with two fingers. Some people advise against ever using Instagram’s zoom feature. Each user must eventually decide what is most useful.

Can you find out if someone screenshots your Instagram?

Without their confirmation, there is no meaningful way to know if someone has taken a screenshot of your Instagram. There are a few indications, though, that someone might have screenshotted your profile. For instance, if you discover that someone liked one of your posts and then unfollowed you right away, it’s possible that they screenshotted the post and didn’t want you to know they did so.

Bottom Line

You might be wondering about zooming into other people’s stories. Well, that is not possible yet. Maybe it is for privacy concerns, or Instagram doesn’t simply consider it a great feature to be launched. 

However, for your own stories, you have everything you need. But, if you are using Instagram for business, you might want to dig deeper into the feature. Yes, you can always get help from an expert or may go on your experimental journey. 

All in all, if you need more Instagram features, do not forget to check out other blogs and articles about it. 

Ultimately, get started and have fun with your Instagram story. 

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