How To uninstall Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a free google application. The application is used widely by Samsung mobile users. It works alternatively with Siri or Cortana. Google Assistant is preinstalled on mobile phones. The App makes it very easy to perform various actions on mobile even without touching the phone. But If you have Siri or any other voice-controlling device then you most probably don’t need Google Assistant and you are then looking for the simplest guide on How To uninstall Google Assistant?

Steps To uninstall Google Assistant from your android phone settings

Most of the time Google assistant is disabled on the mobile phone. But, Google Assistant is linked with some buttons and by tapping those buttons it gets activated. If you know those buttons then by pressing them again it will close automatically.

If you have installed a google assistant application from the play store then follow these steps.

  1. Open the phone settings and go to all applications in the storage tab.
Open the phone settings and go to all applications in the storage tab.
  1. Look for the google assistant
Look for the google assistant
  1. Now Tap on google assistant and open the details.
Now Tap on google assistant and open the details.
  1. Tap the Uninstall button or force the stop button to disable the application permanently.

Steps To uninstall Google Assistant from your iPhone settings

In iPhone normally no one uses google assistant. But if you recently have switched from android to IOS, then you may have installed google assistant especially. So now to delete the Google Assistant, Follow these steps:

  1. First, tap and hold the application icon from the home apps menu.
  2. Now every downloaded application will have a cross (X) sign over their icon, click on that icon of google assistant.
  3. Tap on uninstall application button in the right corner.
  4. Loading will start and after the loading, your application will be uninstalled.

FAQs On Google Assistant

Why does Google Assistant keep popping up on my phone?

There are many reasons why google assistance keeps popping up on many phones. The most common one is you may have set the buttons to activate the google assistant on your phone. After this whenever you press those buttons it opens intentionally. If you didn’t authorize any button then maybe the button is authorized in default settings.

How do I remove Google assistant from Xiaomi?

There is no option in Xiaomi phones to delete the Google Assistant but in MI mobile phones and other china phones, you can disable it. To disable it permanently open the settings of your device. Swipe down or search for the Apps & Notification. Now go to app info go to google app and now disable it. By doing so other apps linked with google apps may stop working properly. If you have downloaded a special application for google assistance from the play store then you need to uninstall it too.

How do I turn off Google speech?

Google speech is really a great option but sometimes it just spoils the mood and experience of using the device. If you want to disable it permanently simply follow these two methods.
Open your browser go to settings and look for the option “Speech and Language” and open it by tapping. Now from the opened menu tap on the “Google speech” no you can turn this off by sliding the button in front of google speech.
You can also activate google speech and give a voice command to turn off google speech permanently. It will permanently disable itself.

Can we disable/silence the “Ok Google” command on your smartphone?

As I said before turning off the google assistant may disturb you while using other google apps, So instead of deleting or disabling it you may just disable the “Hey Google”. By doing so there will be no pop-ups and nothing will be open by pressing the home buttons, especially on Chinese phones like Xiami and Techno or Infinix.

Should you use Google Assistant with Siri or Google Homes?

Google Assistant works the same as Siri and google home, Even if you have Siri or any other device then it will work much better than google assistant. If you want to use both then you can but to get a better experience then using both at the same place at the same time is not recommended as the commands will get mixed. But if you dont have any device like Siri then you can take the same experience with some limitations with Google Assistant.

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