Is Amino Being Shut Down?

Amino App is a great place to meet and engage with communities sharing similar interests to discuss, create and chat in a safe environment. Since its debut in 2012, it has seen many highs and lows, but Amino is still going strong. But due to a few rumors, the question of Amino being shut down arose. Thankfully it was a false alarm. This article includes a detailed guide on Is Amino Being Shut Down?

If you’ve been wondering- Is Amino Being Shut Down? Then this post is for you.

No, Amino App is NOT Shutting Down!

Whether you want to discuss anime, k-pop, sports, games, art, comics, fashion, cosplay, music, or literally anything, Amino is your buddy. No matter how unique or mainstream your passion is, you’re likely to find an Amino community for that. And that’s why the App is not shutting down. It has certainly been through a generous share of struggles, but Amino remains with its head held high.

Because once you find your people, there is no going back. Excluding some toxic ones, most communities are warm towards welcoming new members, talking about common enthusiasm, working on theories and creating original art, etc. It’s a pack of like-minded people who are just as driven by your shared interests. And this is often hard to find in real life, so people tend to treat their community as a tight-knit family.

Another reason is that the roleplay community in the Amino app is second to none. The community is pretty much built on it; by creating your own OCs, or your favorite characters, you can explore many options in a safe environment. Explicit adult content or chats are taken down, and the user gets banned for it. So, if the Amino app is so great, why the talks of shutting it down?  

The Petition Against Amino

A few years back, there was an uproar against Amino and its developer company. And a significant amount of people voted for it to shut down. Their cause for concern was the new feature that was being introduced in the Amino App – the Live and Video Chat feature. We’ve already mentioned how most of the users in this App are under 18 years old, and exposing them to meeting strangers online was a risky move. 

And because of the horrors encountered in Omegle, skype, etc., it was understandable that the parents were skeptical. Predators all over the internet are known to lurk on such innocent platforms to groom kids. So, the concerned adults demanded the app be shut down. A few more of their issues was sexual & vulgar content, violence, and swearing on the platform.

Amino Debunking the Rumors

In concern to debunking people’s worries and confusion regarding the shutting down of the app, the mods team reached out. In an elaborate post, they dismissed any probability of an unsafe environment. 

Unlike any other platform, the Mod team of Amino is very active and is a regular user of this app.They worked endlessly to create a better place for people to interact and asked the people to keep their faith in them and not to listen to baseless rumors and that Amino is not shutting down not for any time soon.

And that if anyone or any agency wishes to legally sue them, Amino has enough resources to fight back on behalf of everyone’s beloved platform. So, there you have it, folks; Amino isn’t going anywhere; rest assured.

A Redditor named That_annoying_neing commented in the Amino subreddit, “It’s honestly the only place I was able to find decent people in an otherwise entirely toxic fanbase; even if I am leaving said fanbase soon, I’m hoping to find others that will give me some nice memories in other fanbases.” Stannis_The_Hammis had a similar opinion, “Honestly, it’s the friends I made, all the memories created, the history. The amino I’m on I consider a second home, and so do my friends.” 

The blog posts, roleplaying communities, and fanfics are top-notch in Amino. Even if you aren’t here to communicate but only as a lurker, you’re gonna find excellent places to read stuff about your interest and enjoy original fan art made by users.

But that doesn’t mean that Amino is without faults, it has more bots than ever now, and Amino+ membership feels mostly like robbing users and a waste of their coins. Amino ruins the image quality for regular users and lets only users with membership to upload high-res images.

Reporting Offensive Posts

  • Step 1: Tap on the three dots under the post.

You can flag any post as inappropriate or offensive to the moderator if you want. To do so, follow these steps,

To do so, follow these steps
  • Step 2: From the bottom popup bar, choose “Flag for Review
Is Amino Being Shut Down

And the admin will receive your feedback and review it. If the post is against the community standard, the post will be taken down. And based on the seriousness of the offense, the user might even get banned.

FAQs On Amino

Is Amino safe?

Yes, Team Amino vouches for it. Due to most Amino users being minors, the platform cannot risk the safety of the younglings. It’s rated 12y+, and the mod team monitors all the operations, comments, and posts made in the communities. You can find it all in the ToS of Amino app. There’s also a bot that watches over the actions made in the app and raises a flag if any sort of issue is found.

What is Amino+?

Amino+ is a membership program on Amino. By purchasing an Amino+ membership, you’re supporting the app and getting exclusive benefits like repairing your login streak, access to various designed chat bubbles, stickers, and a badge to show off your membership. You can also unlock all the moods with the subscription.

What is Amino Streak?

 Amino keeps a record every time a user checks in their community, and the higher the streak of checking in, the more the reputation point. However, only logging in won’t suffice for your check-in to count. You’d have to go to the community’s side menu and long press the “Check-in” Button, and you got it.

What happened to Amino Creators Program?

 The Creators Program was designed to let the artists and creators of the platform earn by managing premium communities, selling their works and merch, etc. However, in 2020, Amino Creators Program was shut down. As it was intended, it was mainly a promotional feature to attract new users to the app.

Final Remark

Amino is a well-established platform that has gained the trust of many users on its runs. But hasn’t come to this point without struggles. But the app continues to rise above this, and that’s what counts in the end.

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