Is An Itinerary Number the Same as A Confirmation Number?

It is hard to tell the difference between an itinerary number and the confirmation number, especially when it is your first time hearing about the terms. But if you have booked a flight before, I guess you have terms like Itinerary number and boarding pass. Such terms may cause a lot of confusion, but thankfully, this post will help. If you want to find the differences between itinerary and confirmation numbers, you are in the right place.

What is The Difference Between Itinerary Number and Confirmation number?

You may not know the difference between an Itinerary number and a confirmation number, but one thing is that they are issued in different places. Retailers mostly issue a confirmation number, which is important in verifying purchases and tracking delivered packages.

Retailers mostly issue the confirmation number alongside the order in an email or are sometimes provided in the invoice. During the shipping process, the confirmation number plays an important role.

An Itinerary number on the other side is a confirmation number that the airline companies issue to indicate you have booked a flight. The itinerary number confirms when a person booked a flight and indicates their name.

When passengers are issued the boarding pass, they can see the itinerary number written on it. The various things that an itinerary number can be used on include confirming reservations and confirming weight restrictions. 

While an itinerary number is given to passengers when a boarding pass is given, the confirmation number is sent within 72 hours when a purchase has been made.

FAQs On Itinerary Number and Confirmation Numbers

Where is an Itinerary Number Used?

Mostly, the itinerary number is issued by flight companies. The number format varies depending on the flight company, but it is used to perform almost the same functions. When clients want to confirm boarding passes or upgrade the requests, the itinerary number is used. Moreover, other uses of an itinerary number are confirming reservations and weight restrictions.

Is a Confirmation Number of Any Importance?

The confirmation number is crucial for confirming that a transaction has occurred. Sometime back, people would use the confirmation number to verify payment and identify customers when making purchases. At any time of a transaction, a company may give the customers the confirmation number to help verify details concerning a given transaction.

What Differentiates Itinerary and Boarding Pass?

There is no difference between Itinerary and Boarding Pass because they are the same. On a trip, you will know all the stops you will take through the itinerary number. Likewise, a boarding pass will show your seat and the places you will visit when you board the plane. The two are the same, but they are different in how they look, such that the itinerary is long with many details while the boarding pass has only two columns and one line.

How Do I Find My Flight with My Name?

Finding your flight is easy when you check using your flight number. You can also check the arrival or departure time to get an idea of your flight. You can find your flight in several ways, but using your name alone is a long shot. But if you combine your name with the flight number, you will find it quickly. You can also directly contact the airline to get your flight updates.

Where Do I Find My Ticket Number?

If you have the itinerary number, then you have your ticket number. With the online system being availed by airline companies, you can use the itinerary number to track the status of flights. Also, when you have the Itinerary number, you can present it t get the boarding pass. Some airlines may need to check the boarding pass to confirm you are boarding the correct flight.


Airline companies issue an itinerary number while, on the other hand, a confirmation number is issued by retailers and shipping companies. If you are still confused if the two are the same, this guide has explained what each means and when they are issued. 

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