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Is au redbubble account free?

Best Answer:
  1. Redbubble allows anyone to sell their art or designs without charge.
  2. Redbubble artists and designers are not charged when they create an account.
  3. Upload work or receive a royalty payment.
  4. When your royalty account reaches $20.
  5. RedbubBLE will send you money via PayPal or directly into your bank account.

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Do you have to pay for Redbubble?
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There is no cost to create an account, post-work, or receive a royalty payment on Redbubble. When your royalty account reaches $20, Redbubble will pay you via PayPal or directly into your bank account.

Does Redbubble steal your money?

No, it isn’t. They are a SCAM and allow numerous web scraping image sites like Google to steal anything posted there. They also retain “art” after an account is CLOSED.

What commission does Redbubble charge?
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Set a 20% markup for huge framed art prints. You receive a 25 percent artist margin on $125 worth of items. A $150 retail price is the sum of $125 base value plus $25 in profit.

Is it legal to sell fanart on Redbubble?

When your fan art is accepted, it suggests that the IP owner you used is a member of the Redbubble partner program and has granted you permission to utilize their intellectual property in this project and sell it on Redbubble; however, keep in mind that their consent does not extend beyond this.

Do you need a PayPal for Redbubble?
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You’ll have the option of selecting a Payment Option as well. You have two alternatives: entering your bank account information only available for American, British, and Australian banks or establishing a PayPal Account.