Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Between Xbox And PC?

Are you a gamer and have set up your life with adventurous games? If yes, you must seek the answer to the question Is gang beasts cross-platform between Xbox and PC? This question only pops up in the mind of genuine gamers to see if their favorite game is available for cross-platform or not. 

You are reading the right article to get your answers. You will find more ten just one answer to your question in this article. Let’s head straight to the next section to get your desired answers. 

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Between Xbox And PC?

Gamers are demanding cross-platform so that they can have a big game gang. The concept of cross-platform is getting popular among gamers. The users or gamers who use different consoles and gaming devices can play with one another despite operating systems in cross-platform. 

Suppose you are a PS5 player; you can play or compete with PC players in any online game. No matter if both parties have an irrespective operating system. Coming to the point where our question was, Is gang beasts cross-platform between Xbox and PC? To answer this, Gang Beasts is not cross-platform currently. So you cannot share your Gang Beasts progress from Xbox to PC. 

However, it is stated by the developer of Gang Beasts that the next and updated version of the game will carry the feature of cross-platform. That is a hope you can hold for some time. On the other hand, the game developer also made clear that gang beast will not launch cross-platform with all platforms. 

Nevertheless, Xbox One players can play against PC players. Xbox One and PS4 players would not be able to come against each other in the game. PS4 and Xbox One players better wait for the next updated game version.

How Can You Set Up A Cross-platform Private Match In Gang Beasts?

We told you earlier that you will get more information about Gang beasts in this article than just an answer. The more exciting the game, the more confusing it is to set up. Gang Beasts is a great and adventurous game, but if you want to play against or with friends, you will need the following steps. Learn to create an online game set up for Gang Beasts and have a great time playing it with your friends. 

Step 1- Select Online

Now that you want to set up a lobby for you and your friends in the game, go to the game’s main menu and select the option of Online. 

Step 2- Select Character

After you tap on Online in the first step, a new screen will open in front of you. You are asked to select the character for your chosen player on this page. Select the skin, color, or costume that you want. Make sure that the attire of your player is different from the others. This will make your game more exciting. 

Step 3- Invite Friends to the Lobby

Now that you have selected your player, it is time to invite other players to the game. The players must choose between the custom lobby or the private lobby.

Step 4- Choose the Lobby

You can check the lobbies in Gang Beasts at the top right corner of the screen. You can see the status of your lobby.

Step 5- Select online

If you want to play with your friends, you can select “Online.” On the other hand, if you see “Custom” on your screen, it means that the lobby is public. You can customize your game aspects in your way if you are playing with friends. 

Step 6- Invite Players

Under the lobby status, you can see the key through which you can invite players. When you invite someone and they join the match, their character will be visible at the bottom of your screen.

Step 7- Now Play 

Once your friends have joined the game, the mode will be finalized, and you can begin with the new and exciting session of the Gang Beasts.


Do the gamers demand cross-platform?

Yes, the gamers demand a separate or cross-platform. This is because the gamers want to involve their friends who play with different devices or consoles in the game. On the other hand, if the game is not played cross-platform, it would be difficult for the gamers to find and play with the people who want to play the same game. The gamers cannot make new gaming friends without cross-platforms. 

Are there any benefits of cross-platform?

Yes, there are plenty of benefits and plus points of cross-platforms. One of the significant advantages of cross-platforms is that gamers can play on the same team despite having different platforms. 

Why is Gang Beasts not a cross-progression?

There are specific reasons why Gang Beasts are not cross-progression. The main reason is that the feature of cross-progression allows the gamer to transfer or share their progress across different platforms. On the other side, if you are playing Gang beasts on Xbox One and want to switch to PSN, you cannot transfer your progress. You will need to start your game from scratch. 

Summing Up

Games have turned the world more adventurous and promising. Gamers are entirely drowned in the aura of games. You can play the games all day with your friends or new people that can match your energy. 

Are you a Gang Beasts fan and want to know gang beasts cross-platform between Xbox and PC? Then to your assistance, the next update of Gang Beasts will bring you the opportunity to play cross-platform with Xbox One and PC. It is not available yet, but that day is not far from when it happens.

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