Is Gran Turismo on Xbox?

Are you an Xbox gamer? Or maybe you are a curious gamer hoping you can play Gran Turismo on your Xbox? We understand how exciting the updates on Gran Turismo are and how everyone is curious to know whether they will get the chance to enjoy the game on Xbox or PC. By the end of this guide, you will have an answer to whether Gran Turismo is available for Xbox. Keep reading to find out.

What’s so Special about Gran Turismo?

The Gran Turismo features a series of racing video games thanks to Polyphony Digital and is exclusively developed for PlayStation systems. The beauty of the Gran Turismo is how its cars emulate the real world in terms of performance and appearance. For gamers, the news about the release of the Gran Turismo update came as heaven sent for the many cool features everyone was anticipating they would offer.

Are you an Xbox gamer Or maybe you are a curious gamer hoping you can play Gran Turismo on your Xbox

Is Gran Turismo Available On Xbox?

Every gamer’s main question was whether they could play Gran Turismo on Xbox. With Xbox, there are plenty of consoles; if Gran Turismo supports Xbox, that could have been a lifesaver.

However, the sad news is that Gran Turismo is exclusively created to be compatible with PlayStation systems. Therefore, there is no version for Xbox, and Xbox users only have one option to play Gran Turismo; to use a PlayStation. It gets worse since the Gran Turismo is also not available for PC. Meaning, that if you have an Xbox or a PC, you are still out of luck to play the game, and your only luck is getting a PlayStation.

FAQs On Gran Turismo

Is Gran Turismo on Xbox?

Unfortunately, the Gran Turismo is not on Xbox. Here’s the thing, the Gran Turismo is exclusively designed to be used for PlayStation. That is sad news for Xbox users as it means there is no version compatible with Xbox. If you want to enjoy Gran Turismo, you can only do so by acquiring a PlayStation and playing the game on it. Otherwise, you can’t download Gran Turismo as there is no available version for Xbox.

Is Gran Turismo Better than Forza Horizon?

The answer depends on how you enjoy each game. Both are racing games, but the experience of playing each brings out which game is better and more fun. Gran Turismo is the better option if you enjoy a competitive gaming experience. However, if you are a casual gamer who enjoys an open-world gaming experience where you tackle both on-road and off-road, then you will love the Forza Horizon. 

Can I Play Gran Turismo on My PC?

While most people are excited about the release of Gran Turismo, there is no way of playing the game on your PC. The Gran Turismo is exclusively available for PlayStation; no version is released to support playing the game on your PC. Nonetheless, consider downloading other games that are PC-supported still to enjoy the fun of gaming on your PC.

How Do I Play PS5 Games on PC?

While it’s possible to play most of the PS5 games on PC, there are a few steps to follow. Start by downloading the PlayStation Now app for your PC. Once downloaded and installed, open the app and use your credentials to sign in. Next, connect a DualSense controller or a DualShock 4 via a USB cable. That’s it. You can now enjoy gaming on your PC.

Is Gran Turismo Real?

No, it isn’t. However, the features employed in the Gran Turismo give it a real-like feeling. Gamers enjoy the hands-on experience, from how you must keep adding speed to how the weather affects racing, like in the real world. Besides, the cars used are different, and like in a real-world scenario, expect to slide on a slippery road depending on your chosen car. That’s what separates Gran Turismo from Forza. 

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