Is Horizon Zero Dawn on Xbox?

Every gamer must have heard about Horizon Zero Dawn. It is the best-selling game on PlayStation that Xbox users have waited for long without success. Although the game was built with compatible features on Xbox, it will not be released anytime soon on Xbox. Horizon Zero Dawn was released in 2017 on PlayStation 4. Since then, it has sold 10 million copies indicating how fascinating the game is. If you are an Xbox gamer wondering when Horizon Zero Dawan will be launched on Xbox, read this post.

What is Horizon Zero Dawn?

Horizon Zero Dawn was released in 2017 on PlayStation and has proved to be among the best video games. Guerilla Games developed the game and partnered with Sony Entertainment, which released it. 

Is Horizon Zero Dawn on Xbox?

The video game is based on a hunter called Aloy, trying to know her past. On her journey, she faces a world of machines and uses some weapons and a spear to fight her enemies.

Is Horizon Zero Dawn Available on Xbox?

Unfortunately, as much as the game sounds interesting, it was exclusively released on PlayStation. For gamers that use Xbox, they only remain with hope while wondering when the game will be released on Xbox.

Unfortunately, as much as the game sounds interesting

Horizon Zero Dawn has won awards for its story, graphics, and character, among the top attributes that have made it unmatched. The many critics and praises received seem to have contributed greatly to the 10 million game copies sold by February 2019. In all PlayStation games, Horizon Zero Dawn was ranked the best-selling.

 There is no release date that Xbox gamers have been informed the game will be released. However, Xbox gamers can play Horizon Zero Dawn. They have to download the Microsoft Edge browser on their consoles. And find a cloud gaming medium that will enable them to play the game on the Xbox console.

FAQs On Horizon Zero Dawn on Xbox

Is Horizon Zero Dawn on Xbox?

No. Horizon Zero Dawn has become one of the best games played on PS4, but unfortunately, it is not on Xbox. If you want to play the game, currently, you can access it on Play Station 4 alone. Still, Xbox users anticipate that the game will be available on Xbox someday.

How Long Will I Take to Complete Horizon Zero Dawn?

No specific time is put in place because it depends on what type of gamer you are. The length is 30 hours, but if you want to consider all factors of the game, you may complete the game in 76 and half hours.

Why Is Horizon Zero Dawn Only on PS4?

It depends on the plans of the developers. The Guerilla and Sony games indicated they had no plan to bring the game to PC. Currently, PS4 and PS5 can access the game, but it may be accessible on other terminals because of the demand for the sport.

How Much is Horizon Zero Dawn?

Horizon Zero Dawn is currently available on PS4/PS5 for free. The console manufacturer made it clear to their users that they had begun an initiative where they were making various games free to thank the efforts of their fans in supporting them. Moreover, the games were made free to encourage social distancing, and it seems it will remain so for a long time.

Why Is Horizon Zero Dawn Loved?

If you have tasted Horizon Zero Dawn, you can agree that it is advanced technologically. The technology resulted in the toughest enemies and bosses, making the game glorious. All the beasts involved in the game are advanced technologically, making the game more interesting because of its toughness.


Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the glorious games that gamers have loved. The technology used in this game has resulted in tough beasts, making the games difficult and interesting. Sadly, the game manufacturers have only made the game available for PS4/PS5 users. The game is not on Xbox, and it seems there are no plans for releasing it on Xbox. 

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