Is Nike Membership Free?

Nike is one of the largest brands that manufacture sports apparel, footwear, accessories, daily wear, etc., and ships worldwide. Athletes and sportsmen favor the brand because of its consistency of quality. Thus, Nike launched a membership program where people can shop from a personalized selection pool and enjoy many exclusive features. But can you claim all these merits for free? Let’s see. Read ahead to get the answers to your ‘Is Nike Membership Free?’ question.

What is Nike Membership? Why should I get one?

Nike membership grants you easy access to numerous sports equipment designs, accessories, clothing, and shoes. As of now, 170 million members subscribed to Nike, and the numbers keep getting higher due to the customer-oriented nature of the brand. Not to mention the countless benefits you will enjoy if you subscribe to Nike membership. So why should you get a Nike membership? The answer is simple – Yes, for the benefits given below.

  1. Free shipping on Nike purchases for the rest of your life.
  2. Access professional trainer apps such as Nike App, Nike Run App, Nike Training Club App, etc. The apps keep track of your runs, suggest training schemes and nutrient diet concentrated just on you,
  3. SNKRS App notifies you about every latest drop you might like and offers attractive passes.  
  4. Customize your design from “Nike By You.”
  5. Lets you in on exclusive collections that are available just for the members.
  6. 30-day return window on products.
  7. Purchasing through the shop earns you points. Using that points, you can claim various promo codes and discounts.
  8. If you’re eligible Student Discount Offer, you can claim it through your Nike membership. 

The list goes on. And the upside is that the membership allowing all these perks costs nothing. The Nike membership is completely free.

Does it cost money to subscribe to Nike Membership?

Nike membership doesn’t cost you anything while signing up. As long as you have a device with internet and an active email, you’re all set to join in the wonderful world of Nike. Still confused? Let me walk you through the process of how to sign up for Nike Membership for free,

Step 1: Go to Nike’s official website or the Nike app. Then click on the “Join Us” option from the top left of the page.

Is Nike Membership Free

Step 2: Hit “Join Us” again from the newly opened page. You can browse through this page to learn more about what this membership brings to the table for you.

Is Nike Membership Free

Step 3: You’ll be presented with a dialog box to enter your email address. It will be used to verify your identity and to mail you store updates, event notifications, etc. Type in your email and hit “Next.”

You will be presented with a dialog box to enter your email address

Step 4: After you’ve done so, a verification code will be sent to your mailbox. Go to your mail and collect that unique number. The number is one-time use only and is only valid for a few minutes.

Is Nike Membership Free

Step 5: Insert the number in the form got after entering your mail. Fill up the boxes with the requested information. Then proceed to fill out your name, and create a strong password with eight or more characters that you haven’t used anywhere before, consisting of both uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

Insert the number in the form that you got after entering your mail

Step 6: You can choose your shopping preferences from “Men’s” or “Women’s” from the dropdown menu prompted by clicking “Shopping Preferences. Then enter your birthday; Nike uses this information to customize offers to you. 

Check the boxes at the bottom of the page and hit “Create Account” to complete the process. 

Check the boxes at the bottom of the page and hit Create Account to complete the process

Finally, you’ll be asked to select your country manually. And voila! You have joined in with the inspirational and innovative world of Nike. You’ll be redirected to the home page of Nike. All those advantages are yours to take, 

Finally you will be asked to select your country manually

You can see your name on the top right of the page, indicating that you have logged in. Now browse around, see what you like, and add them to your cart or favorites. And when you purchase them, there won’t be any shipping fee. You can also remove them anytime you wish too. Evidently, the whole process of signing up for this user-friendly interface was completely free, with no hidden charges or trial period schemes.

FAQs On Nike Membership

Why did Nike Membership change its brand name?

To be more relatable. Branding has a lot to contribute in terms of publicity; while this program previously went as “Nike+,” the people couldn’t immediately grasp what they’d be subscribing for. Due to the excessive use of “+” by other corps, so Nike ultimately rebranded as “Nike Membership,” which was more engaging to customers and better relevant too.

What’s an SNKRS Pass?

It’s an exclusive pass for Nike’s members that they can use on the SNKRS app to gain fast access to newly released goods. The owner of the SNKRS Pass gets notified when the goods hit the store, and he can book it to later pick it up from the store.

 Is there any age limit to being a Nike member?

Hardly anyone above the age of 13 can choose to be a member of Nike. All they’ll need is an active mail address to join.

 Why does Nike ask for my birthday?

To send you presents, of course! Members get discounts on the first purchase of their birthday month over selected items. It’s an adored promotion that people tend to look forward to.

 Can I get a discount on Nike as a Student?

Yes, given that you’re 16 or older, you can apply for Nike’s student discount offer in the US. All you need to provide to get the discount is your student ID card and documents for verification, and Nike will prepare an ID for you.

Concluding Thoughts

Nike Membership aims to be more reachable to customers. So, they are seen as a membership brand; instead of just a brand with a plain membership program. To make the platform more and more accessible to everyone, Nike has made these significant steps.

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