Is Raft On Xbox?

Raft is a famous, lovely survival game for the open world developed in Sweden. This game came on June 20, 2022. This is not less than great news for all the Raft fans. It began in 2016 on Now many people are concerned if Raft is coming on Xbox. Following are the details that you need to know. 

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Can I Play Raft on Xbox?

Raft is an easy and exciting game for all those who love river or sea rafting. You may get the game’s concept by the word “Raft.” You are in an open ocean on a wooden raft, and you must survive either by swimming in the sea or using the hook to reel you to safety. Well, you are left in the ocean without any resources, and you must make it to the end on your own. 

You can also see the question marks. These question marks are indicators of the dangers you can face in the sea. These dangers include drowning, hungry sharks, and high sea waves or natural currents. This game is delightful if you play it with friends. Sadly, you cannot play Raft on Xbox; however, it is ideal for playing and easy to port on Xbox. You can only play Raft on PC, Steam, and Steam deck. 

Will Raft come on Xbox?

The Raft players are eagerly waiting for the information about whether Raft is coming on Xbox or not. They want to experience this fantastic game on Xbox. There is no such news by the game developers to launch the game on Xbox. That is why it is hard to say the time and possibility of coming on Xbox consoles such as Xbox switch or PlayStation. 

Is there any possibility for Raft to Come on Xbox?

When the game was launched, around one hundred thousand people were reported to play this game. This has boosted the sale of the game. This can lead the developers’ team to launch the game on PlayStation and Xbox. Raft’s popularity is increasing daily, and we can hope it will get projected on Xbox someday.


On which devices can I play Raft?

Gamers are seen to ask this question a lot when they play Raft. Which devices are streaming Raft? You can play Raft on Windows, PC, laptops, or mobile devices. The game is not launched on Xbox or PlayStation currently.

What consoles is Raft on?

You may have discovered a lot of crafting systems in most survival games. Raft is about making your survival possible across the ocean without resources. Unfortunately, Raft is unavailable for any console, but you can play it on PC or steam anytime you want.

Does the Xbox 2022 have Raft?

The Xbox 2022 has yet to launch Raft on it after the developers of Raft agreed to project it on the Xbox series as told before. No series of Xbox contains the game Raft. The users are hoping and waiting for Raft to be launched on Xbox. Although it seems ideal to play Raft on Xbox, it is currently unavailable. 

Is Raft on PC only?

Raft is currently available on Steam or PC only. There is no word or information of Raft on releasing outside of steam. 

Is Raft for free?

You can explore the whole pacific ocean, island, ocean trenches, reefs, and many other adventurous things on a raft for free. Raft is a 3D survival game free of cost for its player to play, enjoy, explore and survive. This game is also considered as closest to real-life games.

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