Is Roblox Getting Deleted Forever?

Roblox is a highly popular game that has been popular with many age groups, a large group of which are children. Rumors have been going around on the internet about the game’s imminent shutdown, and players are clamoring over this news. Is this information true? Here’s what we found out. This article includes a detailed guide on Is Roblox Getting Deleted Forever?

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Rumors of Roblox’s Demise Have Been Going On For Years

Talk about Roblox closing down has been around since 2020. There was a huge clamor over it at that time, the same way that it’s happening now.

People have been posting and sharing news, photos, and videos about the alleged shutdown.

It is believed that this started from a post back in 2020 where someone claimed that the game was “overpopulated” and that the developers could no longer maintain its operations. 

This was, however, proven to be a hoax. But since then, rumors about Roblox shutting down pop up now and then.

Roblox’s Response

Roblox has officially stated that they do not have any plans to shut down the game. Here’s what they had to say about the rumors:

Allegations and Proof

That initial post was believed to have sparked rumors about the game’s shutdown.

Talks were also swirling back in 2021 during the height of the pandemic when people posted that the creator had passed away. Again, rumors about a shutdown were spread.

Many allege that the error messages that were typically present in the game were a sign of its coming demise.

FAQs On Roblox Account

What is the minimum age to play Roblox?

Roblox is open to all ages. The targeted age range is 7-18 years old.

Why can’t I log in to my Roblox account?

Chances are you are either signing in with the wrong details, your account was suspended, your time and date are not set correctly, or the server is undergoing maintenance or technical problems.

Why can’t I run Roblox?

There could be ongoing maintenance or technical issues with Roblox’s server. Another possibility is that your device is not compatible with running the game.

Does Roblox cost money?

Roblox is primarily free-to-play but offers many in-game purchases.

Why is there an error message appearing on Roblox?

Technical problems, poor connectivity, or network configuration issues can cause an error message to appear on the game.


So Is Roblox Getting Deleted Forever? The answer is no. As of present, there are no indications of that happening. Roblox is still strong, with millions of players and followers and steady revenue to support the game. Developers are optimistic that the game will continue to thrive for quite some time.

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