Is The Forest On Xbox One?

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Are you wondering if The Forest is on Xbox One? Do you not know why it won’t let you continue? You’re not alone, and there are a lot of people who are wondering this very question.

The game has only been out for a short time, and there are already tons of reviews from people asking if The Forest is playable on Xbox One. The confusion seems to stem from the fact that Is there any announcement or game launching date from game developers for Xbox?

That’s a serious question, but don’t worry. You will learn about The Forest for Xbox One in this article. If you read all the facts about the game until the end, how can you play this game on Xbox One? You may wonder about “can you play God of War on Xbox“.

What Is The Forest? And Is The Forest On Xbox One?

The Forest is a terrifying first-person game in which a plane crashes in the middle of an island full of trees and darkness. You know nothing about that place and are finding your missing brother with some traces that he is continuously leaving behind.

PC players is playing this game with so much curiosity after the launch back in 2014. Now the gaming community is asking the developers to launch the Xbox version of this game so they can cross-platform and enjoy the unique gaming features.

Developers already announced The Forest release for Xbox One.

A Detailed Review About The Forest Game.

The wooden surrounding with the horrific sound and every second you fear exposing yourself to the enemy is the real thrill you might be looking for. The tribal people and their horrific looks make you tremble out of nowhere.

You have to survive on your own. No one is there to help you on a survival mission. The Cannibals are the people who are continuously hunting you whenever they see you. The game AI is so impressive that their behavior is so real when they start to follow you to a limited distance.

Each tribe has hilariously unique behavior against you. Some have more aggressiveness against you, and some have less. The caves are so dark. You need to focus while searching for the only renewable energy sources of gas lighters.

Your brother leaves every clue that is your main objective to find. He was kidnapped. The only thing he can do for you is to leave these minor clues. 

Playing this game is a dare for you with complete courage by holding your breath in a quiet, silent, amazingly violent game.


Will The Forest Game Be Released For Xbox One?

Xbox has plans to release their version of The Forest, but now it’s not available yet. The Forest is available for other consoles like PS4 but not on Xbox consoles. 
You can play The Forest on PS4 and PC, but if you want to play on Xbox, you have to wait until the Xbox announces the game release date for their console.

What Is The Cost Of Sons Of The Forest?

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The sons of the Forest game is not released yet. According to sources from their official partners, the game will be launched in October 2022 on the Steam platform. Other sources (turtle beach) say this game might cost around $10 on Steam.

On What Platforms Currently, Is The Forest Available?

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The Forest is available on PC and PS4 platforms currently. You can buy the original game version for $8.19 from Steam to play on a PC or PS4. 
The Forest hasn’t been released for other consoles like Xbox, but they have already announced its expected release in 2022.

Is There Any Release Announcement Of Forest 2?

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The game creator’s studio Endnight recently announced on Twitter the expected date release on October 2022. It was firstly announced to release in May 2022, but later, things got a little bit complex, so they decided to keep it delayed.
The game teaser was firstly released in 2020 and was announced before in 2019. The previous version gains many more positive points on Steam due to its interesting horror theme and exciting challenges.

Does Forest Is Coming For Xbox One?

There are some rumors on Twitter about The Forest coming for Xbox. The gaming community desperately asks for the game to release in the Xbox version so they can cross-platform with the others.
Netizens are also asking for the creators to enable the cross-platform system of this game. 
Endnight games, the developers of this game, are working tirelessly to launch the game variant for Xbox gamers so they can equally enjoy the thrilling moments of this game among the entire gaming community.

Does Xbox One Have Raft?

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The Raft was released on the Steam platform on May 23 after waiting so long. The gaming community was excitingly asking the game creators to release a variant for Xbox. 
But sadly, some of the insiders said there is no such news coming from inside to release the Raft Xbox version yet. But the gaming community hopes they will get their request to listen sooner or later.

Is There Any News About the Sons Of Forest Cancellation?

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According to a tweet from devs on Twitter, Endnight initially announced the sons of the forest game release date in mid-2022. Later it was delayed due to some issues they think might be solved in late 20222, probably in October. 
So the news or rumors about the game launch cancellation are all wrong. Buckle up and tighten your belt because the sons of the Forest is coming to your PC in October with a more thrilling and exciting story to reveal.


You heard a rumor that the Forest on Xbox One is really good, but you may not find it! You don’t like to play without the Forest. 

That is why the above guide is the only way to know more announcing or releasing dates about The Forest for Xbox One in the coming season. 

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