Is Until Dawn on Xbox?

Until Dawn is a survival horror game with branching storylines, collectible clues, and a title character who uses a wheelchair, It’s been praised for its approach to disability. The game has an 86% Metascore on Metacritic, with its average score being 83%. It was scored 10/10 by IGN and 9/10 by GameSpot. Now, let’s answer your question, “Is Until Dawn on Xbox?”

Until Dawn is not available on Xbox bodies of work, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox One. If you want to play Until Dawn, you’ll need to buy a PS4 or PC. However, many free games on PS Plus end up getting added to Sony’s backward compatibility list, later making them playable on the next-generation console.

Until Dawn Description

Until Dawn is a horror game that’s also a choose-your-own-adventure story, you guide one of eight characters through a creepy plot, making choices on their behalf as you go. The game has multiple endings depending on which characters survive and how they die—a nice touch for fans who like to replay games multiple times.

Is Until Dawn available on Xbox?

Until Dawn is unavailable on Xbox bodies of work, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox One. If you want to play Until Dawn, you’ll need to buy a PS4. What about PS5? Until Dawn isn’t available, it might be soon, as it’s free if you have PlayStation Plus.

If you’re looking for a similar game to Until Dawn that players can play on Xbox, check the next section.

Similar games to Until Dawn available on Xbox

If you’re looking for similar games that players can play on Xbox, here are some suggestions:

Five Nights at Freddy’s:

Sister Location Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is a horror game where players take on the role of an employee at a Chuck E. Cheese-like restaurant with animatronic animals as employees. Players must survive five nights working at this restaurant before they can escape.


Prey is an action-adventure shooter set in space where players must fight off aliens as they travel through different areas of space station Talos I. It features an open-world exploration system where players can choose how they want to progress through the game’s story by choosing paths and objectives themselves

The Last Door

Another 2015 release, this game is also very similar to Until Dawn in terms of gameplay mechanics and style. In this game, you play as an investigator trying to solve the mystery behind a strange door that leads into another world filled with monsters who want nothing more than your death!

Emily Wants to Play

This game was released in 2015 and had a similar feel to Until Dawn. In this game, you play as a girl named Emily trying to find her missing friend Mia. You must solve puzzles, fight off monsters and try to survive until dawn.

FAQs On Until Dawn

 What is Until Dawn?

Until Dawn is a horror game that was initially released for the PS4 in 2015 but also came out on PC in 2016. It was developed by Supermassive Games, known for its work on the popular Spyro series and titles like Tumble VR.

How do I play Until Dawn?

You control the character through a first-person perspective (like Resident Evil 7) and point-and-click style controls with the left analog stick or mouse. You can also use voice commands if you have an Xbox One Kinect peripheral connected to your console!

 Is it scary?

Yes! The game has jump scares galore, and its story will keep you guessing until its surprising conclusion. The atmosphere is tense throughout as well – sometimes things bump in the night, literally! But don’t worry: there’s no gore here; this game isn’t even rated Mature by ESRB standards (which means those under 17s Can Play It). That being said, don’t expect any funny jokes either! This isn’t a comedy like Five Nights At Freddy’s; instead, it focuses more on psychological horror than gore, so if that sounds appealing, give it a shot today!”

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