Is Xbox 360 Going To Be Discontinued?

Yes, most probably, Xbox 360 will be discontinued very shortly. There are many reasons for discontinuing the Xbox 360 consoles, and a few of them are listed below.

  1. The latest consoles have many advanced features, and the games’ graphics are much better.
  2. For new games, Xbox 360 specs are not enough.
  3. The Xbox 360 framework is too old.
  4. New Xbox 360 is affecting the sales of new consoles.

Should you buy an Xbox 360 in 2022?

Yes, If you have a tight budget, we highly recommend you buy an Xbox 360 because you can buy many games for a cheap Xbox 360. Since the date Xbox 360 is released, Microsoft has released a lot of variants of it. And all of them are very good as per the price-to-performance ratio. The games and accessories of Xbox 360 are very cheap, and you can also jailbreak it to save a lot of money. Whereas if you order just a controller for PS5, it will cost you almost $69, which is very expensive for many gamers.

Is Xbox 360 still supported in 2022?

Until now, no such news exists that Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Xbox 360 is discontinued and will have no further support. Few popular magazines have published articles stating that in October 2022, the Xbox 360 will be discontinued, and the support will be taken down. But still, you can buy deals and games from the Xbox live marketplace. Xbox 360 supports all AAA title games that are recently published and has very good performance in those games, especially in the most popular game Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V).

Can you get Fortnite on Xbox 360?

Yes, Fortnite is a free-to-play game available on all devices. If you want to play Fortnite on Xbox 360, simply download it from Xbox Live Marketplace. If your Xbox 360 is jailbroken, you will not be able to play Fortnite because you can’t connect the jailbroken Xbox to the internet connections. If somehow you install Fortnite on your jailbreak Xbox, you will not be able to play it because of the connection.

Can we play GTA 5 on Xbox 360?

Yes, GTA 5 is available on Xbox 360, but you need to buy a membership if you want to play it online, also known as RolePlay. GTA 5 is the most popular game, and it is the most demanded game on every console. Even though it was first launched for consoles in 2013, and after two years, in 2015, it was launched for PC. GTA 5 offline can be played on Xbox. You can also copy and paste the GTA 5 files into your jailbreak hard disk of Xbox 360.

Can I still use my old Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 was the best console of all time. If you have an old Xbox, you can play various games on it. Including AAA title games and other comic games. The DVD of Xbox 360 is very cheap and affordable compared to the latest consoles because of the advanced hardware and graphics. The graphics in Xbox 360 aren’t as good as compared to the latest generation consoles, but it is still not that bad. You can still enjoy all games in 1080p 30 FPS.

Still Xbox 360 is the Best

It’s 2022, and shortly the Xbox 360 will be discontinued. But still, The Xbox 360 is the best and most popular gaming console. If you want to enjoy games like GTA 5 or God Of War, you must go with it. You will be able to play all games with good graphics. The games are also very affordable, and there are many packages you can buy from Xbox Live Marketplace.

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