Someone Blocked Me On Instagram How Do I Unblock Myself?

Were you following someone on Instagram but now you cannot see their activities, posts, stories, and reels? Is the following button on Instagram not working, and can you not send the subsequent request to someone? It means that you are blocked. Now you may ask yourself; someone Blocked me on Instagram; how do I unblock myself? The answer lies in the article below, so let’s solve this puzzle. 

how do I unblock myself If Someone Blocked Me On Instagram?

Are you hurt because someone has blocked you on Instagram intentionally or unintentionally? Do you want to find ways to unblock yourself? Then you must know there is no particular or well-defined way to unblock yourself from someone else’s account on Instagram. 

However, you can use some alternatives if someone has blocked you on Instagram and you want to unblock yourself. 

Alternatives to Unblock Yourself from Someone Else’s Account on Instagram

  1. You can ask the person politely who blocked you on Instagram to unblock you and be friends with you again. If you intentionally or unintentionally hurt their feelings, you can apologize for your behavior. Ask for the reasons why they blocked you on Instagram. 
  2. If the person on Instagram has blocked you mistakenly, you can tell them to unblock you by mentioning the unblocking process. Teach them how to stop and then unblock anyone on Instagram. Tell them what blocking someone means on Instagram. 
  3. Ask for the Instagram login credentials of the person who blocked you on Instagram. If they give you their login information, log in to their account and unblock yourself. 
  4. Do not unblock yourself; simply make a new Instagram account and follow them with a new username. Do not let the people know about your real name on this new account; otherwise, they will block you again. 

These are a few alternatives you can try if someone on Instagram has blocked someone.

How to block someone on Instagram?

Blocking someone on Instagram is the easiest way. Read out the steps below and learn to block someone on Instagram. 

  • Step 1- Open Instagram: Launch your Instagram app from your device. 
Someone Blocked Me On Instagram How Do I Unblock Myself
  • Step 2- Search : Search for the person on Instagram that you want to block.
Someone Blocked Me On Instagram How Do I Unblock Myself
  • Step 3- Tap on “the Dots”: Hit the three tiny dots at the upper right corner of your screen to see the drop-down menu and tap on the block. 
Tap on the Dots
  • Step 4- Block: Select your blocking account preferences and then hit the “Block” option in blue at the bottom. The person will be blocked permanently.
Someone Blocked Me On Instagram How Do I Unblock Myself

FAQs On Unblocking Yourself On Instagram

Can you unblock yourself from someone else’s account on Instagram?

You can ask the person who blocked you on Instagram to unblock you, but you can never unblock yourself from someone else’s account. The only way you can unblock yourself is to ask the person about their Instagram handle login credentials, log in to their account, and unblock yourself from the settings menu. No one would like to share their Instagram login credentials, so the method mentioned above is nearly impossible. 

How do I get unblocked from Instagram?

Instagram may have blocked you because you were using third-party apps to increase likes and followers on your account. Unlink your Instagram account from such apps and then try to log in to your Instagram account with a different device. 

How can you ask someone to unblock you on Instagram?

You can ask the person to unblock you on Instagram from other social media apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.; use a polite tone while talking to them and ask why they blocked you in the first place. You can also meet them to sort things out face to face. 

What do you do when someone blocks you on Instagram?

If someone from your following list has blocked you on Instagram, you can no longer follow them. The follow button would not work. You can no longer see their posts or other Instagram activities. 

How long does Instagram take to unblock a user’s account?

Instagram can take up to 3-4 weeks to unblock any account that has been temporarily blocked.

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