What Do All The Waze Symbols Mean?

We all use some Map app on our phones when traveling or searching for locations. Google Maps is by far the most popular map app. But besides Google Maps, there are map apps like Waze, which is also owned by google. What makes Waze different from Google maps is its icons and symbols. So, what do all the Waze symbols mean?

Unlike Google Maps, Waze totally focuses on getting from one point to another. The symbols and icons it uses often describes the traffic, road, and other drivers. There are Waze symbols for most things, such as traffic, diversion, the mood of other Wazers, police presence, etc.

If you are a new user of Waze, it may be a bit difficult to understand what all those Waze symbols mean. But do not worry. In this article, we will discuss what all those symbols mean on the Waze app.

What Do All The Waze Symbols Mean?

Waze is a gamified version of a Map. What that means is that all the information on Waze is presented to you in the form of icons and symbols making it easier and more fun to use the app. You can set your Waze mood to notify other Wazers while driving. We can customize the voice commands from the app with some of the popular animated character’s voices. You can also view other Wazers on the route.

Everything Waze does is to make driving and traveling fun. Although Google owns Waze, there is no functional integration with Google Maps, and Waze acts like a separate entity on its own. This has created a separate fan base of Waze and users who are specifically Wazers.

So, what do those icons and symbols mean on Waze?

Types of Waze Symbols

These are symbols that represent things on the roads, such as:

  • Blue Arrow – This symbol shows the Waze user their current location on the map.
  • Camera Icon – This symbol shows that a traffic light also has a camera on it.
  • Crash Icon – This symbol shows that an accident has taken place at the location.
  • Warning Sign Icon – This symbol shows that there is some hazardous object or situation at the location.

Waze Levels

Waze also has user levels. These levels are represented by icons similar to the Waze logo. Once you start, you will start from the Waze baby and then upgrade the level when you travel more using the app.

  • Waze Baby – This symbolizes that you are a new user on Waze and have not completed 100 miles on the road. The icon will have a baby Waze with a pacifier.
  • Waze Grown Up – After 100 miles, you will get this symbol on your profile. This icon will be plain and simple.
  • Waze Warrior – This symbolizes that you are in that region’s top 10% of Wazers. The icon will have a Shield.
  • Waze Knight – This symbolizes that you are in that region’s top 4% of Wazers. The icon will wield a sword.
  • Waze Royalty – This symbolizes that you are in your region’s top 1% of Wazers. This icon will have a crown on the Waze character.

Waze Moods

Waze moods are icons that a user can set when he/she is on the road. This will indicate to other Wazers your mood on the road. You can use various symbols to set up your mood on the road. Some of the common ones are listed below and explained.

  • Funny – This icon symbolizes that a Wazer has found something on the road and is laughing uncontrollably with tears on their cheeks.
  • Sunny – This icon symbolizes that everyone who can view it can see the sunshine directly.
  • Zombified – This mood icon shows that the Wazer loves the Zombie Apocalypse movies or thinks the world is all apocalyptic today.
  • Wild – This mood has a Waze icon with a helmet and sunglasses.
  • Chill – This mood icon is almost similar to the cool emoji with sunglasses on.
  • Furious – This Wazer is on Road rage and is yelling at everyone on the road.
  • Geeky – This mood icon has large sunglasses and looks smart.
  • Happy – This mood icon is happy, which symbolizes that the Wazer is also in a happy mood on the road.
  • Loved up – This mood icon has heart-shaped eyes and is feeling affectionate.
  • Sneaky – This mood icon will have ninja clothes on and symbolizes that the Wazer is trying to sneak through routes to avoid something.
  • Eco-Friendly – This mood icon will have earth with continents and oceans and a heart on the top. It symbolizes that this Wazer loves nature and is trying to be eco-friendly when driving.
  • Proud – This mood icon will have a rainbow heart and is proud of what they did today.
  • Sad – This mood icon has tears flowing down and symbolizes that the Wazer is feeling sad today.
  • Skeptical – This mood icon symbolizes that the Wazer is feeling skeptical about everything today.
  • Shy – This mood icon is yellow and blushing. It symbolizes that the Wazer is shy.
  • Car Sick – This mood icon is green in color and has been driving for too long. They want to pull up and rest for some time.
  • Zen – This mood icon is purple and is in a Zen mood feeling meditative along the way.
  • Speedy – This mood icon symbolizes that Wazer is in a rush and driving fast.

There are more special Waze icons that you can use to represent other moods of yours while driving. However, these special Waze icons do not appear unless you have crossed basic levels.

FAQs On Waze

Google Maps Vs. Waze | Which Is Better?

Google Maps and Waze are both Map apps but have different strategies. While Google Maps focuses on overall map experiences such as finding locations, driving, walking, landmarks, etc., Waze, on the other hand, mostly focuses on getting from one place to another. You can also say Waze is built with drivers in mind, while Google Maps is built for all purposes.

Will Waze tell you which lane to be in?

Yes, Waze does show you which lane you should be in when driving. It will also assist you in where you can go straight.

Does Waze Know When Police Are Around?

The Wazers can input data about the road on the app. Similarly, they can also input the presence of police on the road. This will let other Wazers know that there is a police presence on a certain road, and they can avoid it if they want.

What is the invisible mode on Waze?

The invisible mode on Waze will hide your presence on the road from your Friends and other Wazers. Your details, such as name, photo, and other publicly available data, will be displayed if you are visible on Waze.

Does Waze share my location?

Waze, as a navigation app, displays your public information, location, and other details about you to other Wazers. Your Friends and other Wazers can see you on the map while driving. If you do not want to share such data, you can go invisible on the app and still navigate to the destination.

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