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What do I do if my eBay account is suspended?

Best Answer:
  1. Instead.
  2. Call them at 1-866-540-3229 and talk about it.
  3. Explain that you received the suspension.
  4. Notice and are concerned.
  5. It may take multiple conversations to reach the proper individual who can assist you.

5 Reasons eBay Suspended, Restricted or Banned Your Account!


What happens if your eBay account is suspended?

You won’t be able to bid, buy, or sell after your eBay account is frozen. Leave comments. Make new listings or edit existing ones.

How do I reinstate my suspended eBay account?
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If you don’t find any specific instructions for getting your eBay account reinstated, don’t create a new one. Instead, call them at 1-866-540-3229 and explain your situation. Explain that you’ve received the suspension email and are extremely concerned. It’s possible that talking to numerous individuals will get you to the appropriate person who can

How do I get my eBay unsuspended?

If your account has been banned for an extended period of time, you might have been restricted from certain items or services. In some cases, the ban is lifted before the accounts are closed and users reactivated. It’s not unusual for sellers to be completely prohibited from selling on eBay after a lengthy suspension.

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How long do eBay suspensions last?

EBay may suspend your account for seven, ten, or 30 days, or even permanently! A complete suspension is usually the consequence of a serious violation of eBay’s standards and policies. This can also happen if you repeatedly underperform. After issuing a few warnings, eBay typically takes this step.

How do I know if my eBay account has been flagged?
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Look at the graphs on your eBay seller account to see how many people have viewed and purchased your items. A substantial decrease in the figures might indicate that your account has been flagged. If you’re a drop shipper on eBay, keep in mind that it takes around a month to examine your order data to determine if you are drop shipping.