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What do I do when my iCloud storage is full?

Best Answer:
  1. View what’s taking up space in iCloud.
  2. Downloading iCloud photos to a PC is another option.
  3. Old iCloud backups must be extracted and deleted.
  4. Documents from iCloud Drive must be deleted.
  5. Your mailbox should be cleaned.
  6. Save WhatsApp backups to your PC.

How to manage iCloud storage in Hindi?


What happens if iCloud is full?

The total amount of storage space accessible through iCloud is referred to as iCloud Storage. That’s what you pay for. Your iPhone will cease backing up to iCloud when your iCloud Storage runs out, and you’ll need additional storage space or free up storage space in iCloud in order to continue backing up.

Is iCloud storage worth it in 2021?
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iCloud Drive is a useful service, especially if you’re sticking with Apple’s ecosystem, but it doesn’t compare to Google and Microsoft’s alternatives.

How do I free up storage on iCloud?

Reduce the size of your iCloud Backup. Remove images from iCloud Photos. Delete files or folders from iCloud Drive. Delete messages and attachments in Messages. Messages will be deleted, as will Mail if you don’t pay for it before July 2019.

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Why is my iCloud storage full after deleting photos?

After you’ve deleted photos from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer or uploaded them to iCloud, the amount of space they take up on your device will decrease. That’s because instead of being permanently erased, photographs and videos are saved in the Recently Deleted album after you trash them.

Will I still get emails if my iCloud is full?
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You won’t be able to send or receive emails after your iCloud storage is full. At the same time, you may notice that past emails saved in the Mail app are using iCloud space for something else. The solution is to go through your email and delete what you don’t need.