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What does a disabled OkCupid account look like?

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  1. Disabled accounts feature a darkened silhouette and are protected from viewing other users’ profiles. The account will become accessible again when the disabled status has been lifted by the user. Removing an account is permanent and future access of that profile is not possible.

Delete OKCupid Account : Disable OkCupid

Cupid ensures that OkCupid users have an active account before allowing them to log in. OkCupid will not let you sign in with a disabled OkCupid account.

If OkCupid disables your OkCupid account, OkCupid sends you an e-mail and includes the date on which OkCupid disabled your OkCupid account. OkCupid lists the reasons for disabling your OkCupid account at http://www.okcupid.com/profile#disabled . If you want to log in, fill out a support request at http://support.okcupid.com . Otherwise, OkCupid’s system automatically deletes all of your information from its servers within 90 days of disabling your OkCupid account. OkCupid recommends that you update your profile with a new e-mail address and a new password when OkCupid deletes your OkCupid account information. Otherwise, OkCupid will not send you an e-mail informing you of important updates to the OkCupid website such as security bulletins and other notifications.

OkCupid does not delete disabled OkCupid accounts at the end of each quarter as is the case with Facebook. OkCupid instead deletes disabled OkCupid accounts at 90 days after disabling an OkCupid account.

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OkCupiddidn’t eviscerate this person’s anonymity by putting their name, photo and age on display for all to see like Facebook did. OkCupid did no harm and at worst OkCupid stopped this person from signing in. OkCupid’s rules are clearly stated on its website, OkCupid has provided a way for people to remedy their disabled OkCupid account status and OkCupid adheres to its own deletion time line.

OkCupid is not interested in replicating Facebook’s mistakes nor does OkCupid want to be compared with Facebook. OkCupid looks forward to never having any reason to disable users’ access again as the nature of online dating evolves into something that can work without need of an intermediary or middle man like OkCupid itself.

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How do you know if someone has blocked you on OkCupid?

We don’t tell someone that you have blocked or unmatched with them- you simply disappear everywhere for them, including any conversations you may have had with them. In order to view OkCupid profiles, you must be a logged-in OkCupid member.

How do I reactivate my OkCupid account?
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To reactivate your OkCupid account, login to the website and click “Reactivate” at the bottom of the page. You’ll be asked to confirm if you want to reactivate your account, so type “yes.”
Deleted accounts cannot be reactivated

Can they see my message on OkCupid?

Despite being inundated with messages, people seem to not notice your attempt to message them. In Doubletake, quickly swipe left on the individuals that you would like a date with, and message your mutual likes on the app.

Why can’t I see my messages on OkCupid?

If you’re missing a conversation with someone, it may be one of the following reasons:
“The other person may have blocked you.”

How do I reset my questions on OKCupid?

Once you’ve answered a question, choose whether or not to re-answer the question.

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