What Does Green Following On Instagram Mean?

There are a lot of new hashtags coming up on Instagram every day. From #InvisibleInstagram to #DogSelfie, you will find a new hashtag almost daily. A green-following tag is also quite common now. But what does it mean when someone follows you on the green? Is it good or bad, or just neutral? Here we explain what the green-following tag means on Instagram and its implications for your account.

What Does A Green-Following Mean On Instagram?

When somebody follows your account, they send a notification to your account. Usually, this notification is yellow in color. But, when someone follows you on the green tick, you will get to know about the follower straight away. You can also check the list of your followers and see who has just followed you. 

A green following means that the person has followed you on the first try. In other words, he or she has followed your profile immediately after you have followed them back. Instagrammers call this a green to follow. A green-following does not necessarily mean that the person has followed you on purpose. There may be some other reasons for it. We will discuss them in the next section.

Why Is It Called ‘Green Following’?

Nobody knows for sure why this behavior is described as green following. But there are a few likely reasons to explain this. The first reason could be that the Instagram algorithm automatically marks your profile as verified when you get a green following. This is why the color is green. 

The second reason is that a green following is like a green light in traffic. When somebody has followed you on the green, it means that they are open to being followed back. So, you can go ahead and follow them back without feeling guilty. 

The third reason could be color psychology. The green color usually represents youth, freshness, growth, abundance, and prosperity. Therefore, by calling it green following, Instagrammers only try to say that someone has followed you immediately after you have followed them back.

How To Know If Someone Is Following You On Green?

As we have discussed above, a green-following means that the person has followed you on the first try. Therefore, there can be only two reasons for a green following. When someone follows you on the first try, it means that they have either used the suggestions or the suggested accounts to follow the feature.

When you use the suggested accounts feature, Instagram shows you a list of accounts to follow. You can either ignore them or follow them right away. The suggested accounts feature is very helpful when starting on Instagram. It will give you enough content to post on your feed and help you build a new following.

How To Deal With A Green-Following In Instagram?

If someone has followed you on the first try and you don’t want to follow them, you can simply ignore the follower. And they will never know that you have ignored their account. This is the best way to deal with a green following. If you follow the person back, you will have to unfollow them after a day or two. 

This will create a bad impression about you on their end. If somebody has followed you on the first try, it is obvious that they are interested in your profile. So, you can try to engage with them in a way. You can like their photos or leave a comment on their posts. If they choose to engage with your posts, you can start a conversation with them.

How Can A Green Follow Be Harmful To Your Account?

Many Instagrammers always try to get as many followers as possible. They never think about a follower’s quality but only the number of followers on their account. In such a case, when somebody follows you on the first try, you must follow them back without fail.

This will get you a temporary increase in followers. But, the followers will be of very poor quality. Therefore, having many followers who are not interested in your profile will be very harmful to your account.

If you have many followers who only follow you to get a follow back, they will not engage with your posts. This means that they are not interested in what you are posting. They are only trying to use your account to get followers on their account.

When you have such followers, your account will never grow. Nobody will engage with your posts. This is because they know that their posts will be ignored by the followers who are only interested in getting a follow back.


 How can I gain 1000 Instagram followers?

While there is no definite strategy for acquiring 1000 Instagram followers, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances:

1. Ensure that your profile is full and interesting. Include a concise bio, appealing photographs, and intriguing subtitles.
2. Engage in platform activity by liking and commenting on other people’s postings.
3. To reach new audiences, utilize relevant hashtags and publish frequently.
4. Try running advertising or collaborating with influencers who have audiences similar to yours.

How can you obtain 1000 Instagram followers in a single day?

 There is no surefire way to obtain 1000 Instagram followers in a single day. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances:
– Use popular hashtags
– Post-high-quality photos
– Engage with other users
– Use relevant keywords in your bio

How can you generate fake Instagram followers if you don’t have any money?

There are some ways to generate fake Instagram followers without spending any money. One way is to create multiple accounts and follow each other. Another way is to find active users who are likely to follow you back and follow them first.

Much money does one thousand Instagram followers make?

There is no set amount of money that one thousand Instagram followers make. It all depends on how often they interact with sponsored posts and how many brands they are willing to promote.

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