What Does It Mean When Wattpad Says Parameter Missing?

Let’s say you just had the best idea for a story to share on Wattpad. You get to work on laying out the story and typing all the words. Hours later, the only thing to do is to share it. But suddenly, a specific message comes up. “Parameter Missing” can be seen on your screen, preventing you from finishing your work. This setback can be infuriating for many, especially after hours of work. In this article, we’ll shed light on what it means.

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When Does “Parameter Missing” Occur?

Many users report this error appearing as early as Wattpad’s login screen. So not only can you not upload a great story, you can’t even get to the site! This worries many users as an error message would usually appear in response to technical issues, and the term “Parameter Missing” can be unfamiliar and intimidating.

Another instance that annoys users is when the message appears when posting a story. This prevents users from publishing their stories, creating concerns that perhaps they would need to start over just to get rid of this message.

What Does “Parameter Missing” Mean?

When you see a message that states that a parameter is missing, it is a message that informs you that a certain procedure cannot be executed due to a particular reason. This reason would be most likely because certain required information was not provided or was incorrect. It could also mean that your desired procedure does not currently exist.

In short, “Parameter Missing” is simply an error message, much like other messages you could encounter on apps and websites when you face technical issues.

Fixing The Message During Login

If you encounter this issue at the login screen, you may simply not provide the necessary information. Check your login details and make sure all text boxes have been filled in. 

If you still see the message, it could be a problem with Wattpad itself. One possibility is that there is a technical problem and that the message happens to replace the original error message that should have been displayed.

Some users suggest that if this persists, one way to resolve it is to change your password. To do this:

  1. Go to Wattpad’s login screen.
  2. Select the Forgot Password link and wait to be redirected.
  3. Enter the email address linked to your Wattpad account in the text box provided.
  4. Press Send Instructions.
  1. Log in to your email and find Wattpad’s message. 
  2. Follow the instructions highlighted in the message.

If you know your password, you can also change it in Wattpad’s Settings.

After that, you only need to wait for the password change to take effect and resume your Wattpad activities.

Fixing the Message Before Posting/Publishing

Suppose you are encountering the message before posting or publishing your story. In that case, there’s a high likelihood that the message is telling you exactly what it’s supposed to – that certain information has not been provided to the system.

Check all the story details and ensure they are filled in. Examples of these are:

  • Title
  • Cover Image
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Language Options
  • Copyright

Once all details have been completed, you should be able to successfully publish your story.

FAQs On wattpad

What are the common error messages in Wattpad?

 “500 – Service Error“, “501 – Bad Gateway“, “503 – Service Unavailable“, and “Wattpad is currently over capacity.” is the common error messages you can encounter on the platform. 

Is Wattpad free to use?

Wattpad is free to use when it comes to signing up, reading, and publishing. You only need to spend money on Paid Stories.

Is Wattpad still popular nowadays?

Wattpad is still going strong, with more or less 70 million readers as of 2022. 

What are alternatives to Wattpad?

Fanfiction.net, Sweek, Penana, and Booksie are some platforms similar to Wattpad. 

Can I delete my Wattpad account?

Yes, you can first temporarily deactivate your account for six months, after which it will be permanently deleted if you choose not to reactivate it within six months.

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