What Does it Mean When your Order is in Progress on Quadpay?

Quadpay is a famous application loved by many people for its ease when paying for installments. Currently, the application is recognized as the Zip app, and when you are new to the platform, you may have many queries about how it operates. Many users ask one essential question: What Does it Mean When your Order is in Progress on Quadpay? If you are new to using the application and see such a notification, don’t panic because this guide will explain what the message means and address many other queries you may have.

Meaning – When your Order is in Progress on Quadpay

When Quadpay notifies you that your order is in progress, it is yet to be processed fully. When a customer places their order, Quadpay ensures they respond quickly to your order by putting it in progress showing they are acting upon it.

It depends on the item you have ordered because if it requires shipping, it will indicate progress until the item is ready to be picked up. Moreover, when you place an order, the status changes to in progress, meaning the company has taken action on your order and is working on it. When your payment has been received and proceeded by the company, they also indicate the in-progress notification.  

When your Order is in Progress on Quadpay

Reasons – Why is My Order In Progress on Quadpay?

Some of the reasons that may make your order remain in progress include the following:

  1. No payment Received

When you make an order on Quadpay, you need to pay to get assured your order will be delivered. If you don’t pay, the In Progress status may get indicated for a long time until your payment is received. If you have paid and the status does not change, your payment method may be slow.

  1. The Item You Want is Unavailable

Quadpay can only deliver an available item; if unavailable, it may take a long time to get delivered. When an item is unavailable, it may take 24 hours to be processed because it must be shipped.

  1. Someone Places the Same Order at Higher Rates

Quadpay serves clients that pay more. When someone places the same item at a higher price, they will get served first, meaning your order may remain in progress for a long time, especially if the items are scarce.

What to Do to Handle the In-Progress order

If you notice your order has remained in progress for a long time than usual, then it is advisable to do the following:

  • Check if the item you ordered is available on Quadpay for shipping.
  • Check if your payment was processed. Confirm your balance to see if the balance got deducted.
  • The information offered for shipping matches information on the Quadpay database.

If the above information confirms everything is okay, then you need to contact Quadpay and enquire why your order is still in progress.

FAQs On Order in Progress on Quadpay

What Is the Meaning of Your Order in Progress on Quadpay?

When Quadpay informs you that your order is in progress, it is yet to be fully processed. In such a situation, there is a high probability that the person selling you some product is still placing the product you ordered. Once the delivery of the product you ordered is ready, Quadpay will remove the in-progress status because it has been fully processed and waiting to be delivered.

Is There a Specific Time Limit for Orders in Progress on Quadpay?

Depending on many factors, orders on Quadpay take different amounts of time to get processed. However, once you place your order, it will take seven days for your order to get processed. Quadpay has a mandatory rule that a seller must show his ability to deliver the required order within one week. Therefore, as soon as you place the order, the seller can reply to you within the shortest time possible and not later than seven days.

Why Is Quadpay Showing My Order Pending?

Quadpay puts all orders pending when they have not been processed fully. When you have not paid in full, Quadpay may find it necessary to place your order pending until you pay. Moreover, your order will still be pending when the person supposed to deliver an order has not completed the process. When an order is pending, it can be processed within a day or get canceled after you are refunded.

Will My Order Be Processed If I Don’t Pay Quadpay?

Quadpay is n application that guarantees the delivery of your orders. The app will only deal with your order when you have adhered to their rules. When you pay, the app will indicate they are processing your order and give the merchant the time to deliver the order. If you fail to pay completely, your order will show in progress until you pay.

Will Quadpay Affect My Credit?

Quadpay monitors the activities of its clients to determine your purchase behavior. Therefore, your credit score will get monitored through all actions that take place through the app. The status they place orders in will affect your credit score or boost it depending on how long you take to pay.

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