What Does Sent with Gentle Effect Mean in a Text Message?

Text messages are an easy way of staying connected with someone. Whether it’s your best friend, family, or other friends you want to communicate with, text messages come in handy. When texting someone and you want to share something but want to clarify that you have genuine intentions, adding the gentle effect is the cleanest way to do it. When someone sees the gentle effect accompanying the text, they will know what you mean. This guide discusses what sent with gentle effect means in a text message.

Understanding the Sent with Gentle Effect On Text Message

Most messaging apps, such as iMessage, have a feature that helps add fun to text messages. The feature involves adding various effects when sending text messages such that they can know your intentions when someone sees the message you’ve sent them and the effect accompanying it.

One such effect is the “sent with gentle effect,” which is used when someone wants to show care and concern to someone. The effect helps soften the mode of the message, and people mainly use it when sending a message that can cause a mixed or bitter reaction, but you have the interest of the receiver in your heart.

What Does Sent with Gentle Effect Mean in a Text Message?

To send the gentle effect, long press the blue arrow on the iMessage bar, and when the effects option appears, swipe to the left until you locate the sent with gentle effect. Once you tap on it, the receiver will see your text message and the effect. So, the next time you see the sent with gentle effect, you now know what it means.


What Does “Sent with Gentle Effect” Mean?

People share and imply different things when sending text messages. When someone adds the ‘sent with gentle effect” in a text message, it’s a direct way of telling you to take it easy with the message as they mean no bad feelings. Most people use the phrase when they don’t want you to overthink the message in the text. Therefore, the phrase means someone cares, and they have your best interest at heart.

When Should I Use the Sent with Gentle Effect?

You should use the phrase when you want to clarify your intentions when sending a message to someone. Furthermore, you can add it when sending a condolence message to someone facing a tough time. It’s a way of showing care to someone. Still, you can use it when sending tough words, especially when being truthful to someone who may take your words wrongfully.

How Can Use the Gentle Effect?

The gentle effect is part of iMessage text effects. If you want to use it to send a text with gentle effect as a means of showing care and love to someone, you can do so from your iMessage. While on the message screen, enter the message that you wish to send. Once done, press and hold the send button until effects appear. You will not the send with effect option. Click on it.

How Do I Add Special Effects when Sending Text Messages?

Adding special effects to iMessage is easy. Start by typing the text message that you want to send to someone. Once your message is ready, locate the blue arrow on the right, then tap and hold on it until you see the “send with effect” option appearing. Swipe left until you get to the effect that you want to use for your text message.

Is Sent with Love the Same as Sent with Gentle Effect?

No, the two effects are not the same. The “sent with love” effect is used when someone wants to add some fluttering to a text message. On the other hand, the “sent with gentle” effect is used when someone wants to show concern and care to the receiver of a text. Besides, if you are advising someone and don’t want them to think you are disregarding them use the “sent with gentle” effect.


You can use various effects when sending text messages to someone. In this guide, we’ve focused on the “sent with gentle effect” and discussed what it means in a text message. Hopefully, you now understand the effect and how to use it when texting someone.

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