What Does The Green Following Means On Instagram?

Do you find it strange that some of the people you follow on Instagram have the following blue button and others have green? Do you ask yourself, What does the following green means on Instagram? Then your worries will no longer linger in your brain because we have the answer in this article. So let’s start already. 

Meaning of the green following on Instagram?

If you see the following button green on someone’s Instagram profile, then it means that you have added that person to the list of your close friends. You can create, manage, or remove your close friends list anytime. If you wonder what “Close friends” means on Instagram, here is the answer. 

If you add someone to your close friends’ list, you can share the stories with them. No other follower who is not on the list of your close friends can see your stories. But if you publicly set your Instagram stories, everyone in your following and followers list can see that. 

How can you Add People to Your Close Friends List?

This is the simplest way to add people from your followers and following list to your close friends’ list in one go. 

Step 1- Launch the App

Open Instagram on your device by logging in to your Instagram account with your credentials. If you are already logged in, then open your Instagram feed. 

What Does The Green Following Means On Instagram

Step 2- Tap on “Your Story”

You can see your Instagram profile picture minimized in a circle at the left corner of the upper side of your screen. The name “Your Story” is also written under your profile picture. Tap on this icon. 

Tap on Your Story

Step 3- Open settings

see the upper left corner of your screen; you can see the settings gear icon. Tap on this icon to open the settings menu. 

What Does The Green Following Means On Instagram

Step 4- Tap on “Story”

You will see the options of reels, stories, videos, etc., in the settings menu. Tap on “Story” to manage other settings.

Tap on Story

Step 5- Tap on Close friends

In this new menu, you will see the option of close friends; beneath this option, you can see the number of people added to your “Close friends” list. Tap on the numbers.  

Tap on Close Friends

Step 6- Add or remove people.

You will see the names of the people and a blue “Check sign” in the circle in front of the names. These names with the check sign are the ones who are added to your “Close friends” list. You can remove them or add further people from your followers’ list as your “Close Friends.”

Add or Remove people

Step 7- Tap on “Know how it works”

Tap on “Know how it works” written above to know the Feature of “Close Friends” better.

What Does The Green Following Means On Instagram

FAQs On Instagram Friends List

What is the point of using close friends on Instagram?

The close friends feature allows Instagram users to make a private list of followers to show them their Instagram stories. The close friends list also called the VIP club, only includes your favorite Instagram users. 

How can you tell if someone has added you to their close friend list on Instagram?

If you are on the list of close friends of someone else on Instagram, then you can see the stories they upload with the tag “Close Friends.” You can also see the green circle surrounded by the user’s profile picture. The close friends’ icon also contains a green encircled star in it.

Can the people not on my close friends list see the stories in my group?

No other person outside your close friends list can see the stories you upload to your close friends’ group. 

Who can see my close friends list?

Only you can see your whole close friends list on Instagram. Not even the people who ate added to your close friends’ list can see the list. If you add someone to this list, they will not be notified. Also, they will not be told if you exclude someone from your close friends list. 

What do the top 3 viewers on Instagram stories mean?

Most people who view your Instagram profile will appear in the top 3 list. This is how Instagram works on engaging your profiles with one another.

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