What Does The Hatchet Man Tattoo Mean?

Body art, otherwise known as tattoos, is seen on the bodies of different people nowadays. They come in several designs, patterns, colors, and sizes and depict the same or different meanings to whoever is wearing them. The article includes a detailed guide on What Does The Hatchet Man Tattoo Mean?

This tattoo is not an exception to this growing body art trend. Have you seen it on someone? You’d probably ask yourself what this particular tattoo could mean. Let’s find out the answer.

The Story Behind The Hatchet Man Tattoo

It would be great to know the body art’s origin before explaining it. The earliest use of the word “hatchet man” was in an 1874 Froman article, “Traffic In China women.” This article explains how Chinese women were trafficked to San Francisco. Hatchet men were seen as strong and determined men in society during this time.

Hatchet men are usually people from Chinatown who tycoons can hire to protect properties in a city from intruders. They are fierce and would cut and kill indiscriminately. These hatchet men are. Assassins are rigorously trained to kill on command.

This job brought about the origin of the body art of a man holding a hatchet. That’s to say, the hatchet man’s tattoo came forth from the hatchet man’s work or job.

Another account of the origin of the tattoo is found in an old Native American legend. The legend says that the hatchet man is a spirit that attacks people using a hatchet. This attack usually happens at night at a campsite, and the spirit moves around the campsite wielding a hatchet throughout the haunting.

Some historical scholars associate the hatchet man with the Vietnam War. It refers to the Vietnamese Cong soldier known as the “hatchet man,” who killed several Americans with his fierce weapon.

Some cultures refer to the hatchet man as a symbol of bad luck and, as such, should not be associated with any member of the community.

Meaning of The Hatchet Man Tattoo

Over the years, different people have presented their understanding of the hatchet man tattoo, which is popular among Americans. All of these views about the meaning of the tattoo are divergent interpretations in different societies.

As mentioned in the origin of the hatchet man tattoo, some cultures interpret it to mean bad luck.

People might use this tattoo to eulogize a loved one or to signal affiliation with a group. Whatever reason inspired them to draw the hatchet man tattoo on their body, this tattoo will create a different impression on you. Let’s dive in to reveal the different meanings of the hatchet man tattoo.

To some, the hatchet man tattoo denotes someone who uses the sword of spoken or written words to mar the reputation of another person. This meaning is from the classical view of the hatchet man.

To another, this tattoo signifies someone who carries out unpleasant tasks for a superior member of society. These tasks are usually murder, theft, and frightening threats.

The hatchet man tattoo also represents masculinity. Anyone with this hatchet man tattoo is said to be strong-willed and determined in whatever task they’ve set their mind to.

The Hatchet Man tattoo means that a person has prevailed over any form of danger or setback. It could be escaping from a kidnapper’s camp or killing a wild animal in a situation where only one of them will live – the person or the wild animal.

Several other people interpret the hatchet man tattoo to mean rebellion. Once they see someone with a hatchet man tattoo, the first thought that comes to them is that the person is rebellious.

Now you know the different meanings of the hatchet man tattoo. Ultimately, there’s no definite meaning to this body ink.

Types Of Hatchet Man Tattoos

With everyone having different views on the meaning of the hatchet man tattoo, artists have created different hatchet man tattoo styles to fit the tattoo receiver’s interpretation.

  • Running Man

One of the types of hatchet man tattoos is the Running Man. The hatchet man is seen posing as a runner.

  • Running With A Meat Cleaver

In this style, the hatchet man is seen in a running position while wielding a meat cleaver in one hand.

  • Running With Two Meat Cleavers

The hatchet man holds a meat cleaver in both hands while running.

  • Runnin With Bombs

As the tattoo style name implies, the hatchet man is drawn running while holding a bomb in each hand.

  • Running With A 9mm

This design is trendy. The hatchet man is drawn in a running position while holding a 9mm rifle.

  • Psychopathic Ryda

This style is a bit different from the popular hatchet man tattoo styles. In this one, the hatchet man is styled with a headscarf tied to his forehead while running and pointing a 9mm rifle to the south.

  • Running With A Matter Vaporizer

This style is quite similar to “Running with a 9mm”. However, in this case, it’s a matter vaporizer that’s drawn to replace the 9mm rifle.

  • Running With A Paint Can

The hatchet man is seen running with a paint can in one hand and an arrow-like object in the other.

  • Running With A Hatchet

This style is the most popular among Americans. In this style, the hatchet man is drawn running with a hatchet.

  • Running With A Two-sided Axe

Although unpopular, this design is still loved by those who wear it. The hatchet man is drawn, holding a two-sided axe.

  • Running With A Chainsaw

Different styles convey different meanings to those who wear them. In this style, the hatchet man is holding a chainsaw while in a running position.

  • Hatchet Girl

Popularly seen among females who want the feminine version of the hatchet man tattoo. This hatchet man tattoo is drawn as a lady instead of a man running with a meat cleaver.

FAQs On Hatchet Man Tattoo

What Is The Hatchet Man ICP?

Like the diverse views of the meaning of the hatchet man tattoo, the hatchet man ICP has different meanings for what it stands for. The most popular is that the hatchet man ICP came about when an ICP member, Shaggy 2 Dope, drew a paperboy carrying a cleaver around on a napkin. This act made the hood call him “hatchet man ICP.”

What Is A Hatchet Tattoo?

A hatchet tattoo is drawn in different patterns and can be easily recognized by anyone. It is drawn in bold colors across the shoulder region. It lets the world know you’re at no one’s mercy but your sufficiency. The hatchet tattoo symbolizes a rarity in this age and time.

What Is The Juggalo Lifestyle?

There are unique lifestyles on the planet, and the Juggalo lifestyle is no exception. The Juggalo lifestyle involves painting the face like an evil clown. In some cases, the painting looks like a corpse. A vital lifestyle is participating in annual festivals known as the gathering of the Juggalos. Their lifestyle does not exclude drinking and spraying Faygo and vibing to horrorcore kinds of music.

What Does A Juggalo Say?

Interestingly, Juggalos live an exciting life and would never fail to scream their sound to a fellow Juggalo. Whenever a Juggalo is excited or sees another Juggalo, they shout the phrase “whoop whoop.” When they like another Juggalo’s vibe, outfit, or clown makeup, they scream “whoop whoop” also.

What Does An Axe Tattoo Mean?

The axe ink can be seen on the arms. It depicts manual labor and represents the wild world of the caveman. It connotes how the caveman built his empire from scratch by tilling wood in the forest.


The Hatchet Man tattoo has a simple and elegant design and is an excellent addition to your collection. In this article, we’ve clarified what the tattoo means. If you’re opting to get one, ensure to discuss one of the styles with your artist. If you have further questions, drop them in the comment box, and we’ll answer them in the following article.

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