What Happened to My Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail was a desktop email program developed and released by Microsoft and included programs such as Movie Maker, OneDrive, and Live Mail. The suite has been discontinued and has not been receiving updates since 2012. People who have used this service may wonder, “What Happened to My Windows Live Mail?” This will be discussed in this article. Follow the easy steps on What Happened to My Windows Live Mail, and you will learn how to do it in a few easy steps.

What is the Status of Windows Live Mail?

The program no longer gets any support from Microsoft and will not have any further updates. 

If you still have the program on your computer, you will still be able to view content like address books and emails, but most of the access and features will be unavailable.

Can I Still Download Windows Live Mail

Finding a downloadable copy of the program is difficult but not impossible if you want to access your records or emails.

You can visit Archive.org, where you will find the download for Windows Live Essentials. After that, you can choose to download it via browser or through a torrent client. Make sure you have a checkmark on all the programs you want to download before installing. 

Recovering Data on Windows Live Mail

Users using Windows 10 or higher will automatically have their Windows Live Mail migrated into the new built-in Mail app. Those who are using another email client, can export messages from Window Live Mail into a different email client.

Where Can I Find My Mail?

If you still have the program on your PC:

  1. Launch Windows Live Mail.
  2. Click on the Blue Icon on the upper left.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Click Mail.
  5. Find the Advance tab, and in it, choose Maintenance.
  6. Select Store Folder

In this folder, you’ll find the path where your emails are in storage.

Corrupted Emails

In the case that your database is corrupted, you can follow these steps to recover your data:

  1. Create a backup of your mail Message Store.
  2. Restore the backup: 
  1. Close Windows Live Mail.
  2. Go to your Message Store Folder
  3. Find the “Mail. MSMessage Store” folder.
  4. Make sure your backup files are in the folder “Backup\new.”
  5. Delete “Mail.MSMessage Store
  1. Restart Windows Live Mail to restore the database file from the backup automatically. 

Note that some files will be moved to the “Recovered Items” folder after the recovery, found under “Storage Folders.”

FAQs on Windows Live Mail

 Is Windows Live Mail still active?

As of 2018, Microsoft has announced it as inactive and recommends using alternate services instead.

 What can I use instead of Windows Live Mail?

Microsoft recommends using either Outlook or the built-in Mail app available in Windows 10 or above.

Can I migrate my Windows Live Mail to a different service?

You can migrate your emails by exporting them directly from WLM or Microsoft Exchange. You can also use a manual method, which may be more complex and time-consuming.

Can I export my calendar and contacts from Windows Live Mail?

WLM allows you to export calendars and contacts to another email service like Outlook.

What alternative is closest to Windows Live Mail?

 Outlook and Windows Live Mail essentially have almost the same appearance and interface, allowing users to transition to the newer option smoothly.


Windows Live Mail may already be inactive, but it doesn’t prevent users from accessing and recovering data altogether. However, it is highly recommended to back up and export these files and transfer them to another platform to avoid losing important data. 

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