What happens If I Delete My Telegram Account?

Telegram is a social media platform with distinctive features. You can send messages and files like audio, images, videos, etc., when you create an account, and you can also delete your account when you feel you’ve had enough. But, you should know what happens if you delete your account before taking the step. Let’s find out! In this guide, I’ll show you What happens If I Delete My Telegram Account?

Effects of Deleting My Telegram Account

Indeed, you will not have access to a social media account you delete, but beyond that, it is okay to know what else can go on behind you. Below are some things that will happen if you delete your Telegram account.

Telegram Will Remove Your Details From their Server

Deleting your Telegram account implies removing your details from their server. The system will store your contact and details about you when you open the account, but the information will no longer exist when you delete it.

You will Lose Your Chats and Conversation

Telegram stores every one of your chats on its server, but deleting your account also deletes messages, chats, and conversations associated with the account.

Usually, Telegram chats also store on your device, and you can access old chats on a device without an internet connection if you are already logged in to your account on the device. Also, you can access old Telegram chats on a new device you just acquired when you log into your account or switch devices without losing your chats and conversions, but when you delete your account, you will lose all these.

While you may reopen a Telegram account with the exact details in the future, the old chats and conversations are forever gone.

The System Will Delete Your Files

Telegram will not only delete your chats and conversations when you delete your account, but it will also delete images, audio, video, and other files associated with the account. But you can prevent this by backing up your files before you delete the account.

Your Contacts Retain Access to your Conversations

While you no longer have access to your old chats and conversations, your friends or group members will retain access to them, even after you delete the account. Some users tend to delete their Telegram accounts so their friends will not see sensitive messages they sent mistakenly, but it doesn’t work that way.

Deleting your Telegram account will only detach the messages you previously sent from your account; remember, the account will not even exist any longer. Therefore, the chats with your friends will be titled ‘Deleted Account’ instead of your contact name on their device. That way, it may be difficult to trace such chats to you.

The only way your contacts will not have access to the messages you sent is if you delete the message as soon as you sent it or if they also delete their account. While you can’t be sure if the chat will be cleared from Telegram’s server when you delete your accounts, you can be sure both parties will no longer have access to them.

The groups and Channels You Created Still Exist

The groups and channels you created keep existing even when you delete your account; the same applies to the chats and conversations you sent to them. The group member will have your old chats from the group, and they can initiate new chats among themselves. The Telegram group admins will also retain their statuses, but the group will exist without an owner.

In the same way, users that are subscribed to any channel you created will still have access to the channels, and the admins – if you appoint any – can still manage them and broadcast messages. But, the channels will be without a creator too. Also, the broadcast messages on such channels will remain accessible to all subscribers.

You Cannot Reverse the Deletion

Deleting your Telegram account is permanent; you cannot reverse or undo it. Since the action will remove your details from Telegram’s server, there is no way to reverse the action or get your account back.

You Can Signup As a New User

While you cannot recover a deleted Telegram account, you can signup with the same contact as a new user. When you signup again after deleting your account, the system will alert your contacts that you have joined the platform as a new user.

Signing up as a new user implies that you will have empty conversation pages and will not belong to any group until you rejoin one. Also, you cannot access your old channels unless added as a subscriber, even if you created the channel before deleting your account.

In addition, you can join groups you previously created as a member, but you cannot regain your creator status.

FAQs On What happens If I Delete My Telegram Account

Here are some frequently asked questions you may have in mind:

Does Telegram Delete Accounts Automatically?

Telegram has a feature that deletes a user’s account by default if the user is inactive or has not logged in for six months. However, you can modify this period to delete your account faster or buy more time before the system deletes it automatically.

You can set the auto-delete period to one, three, six, or twelve months, and the system will delete your account if you fail to use the account over a period longer than the time you set.

What is the Meaning of Deleted Account in Telegram?

Seeing the ‘Deleted Account’ tag in place of the contact name on Telegram’s conversation page implies that your contact has deleted their account or Telegram has deleted the account after it has been inactive for a long period.

Does Deleting Telegram Delete My Account?

Deleting the Telegram mobile app does not delete your account. You can re-install the app and still access your account, log in from a new device, or use Telegram’s web version. It is sometimes a good idea to delete the Telegram app to free up storage space and access It on the web instead.


So, What happens If I Delete My Telegram Account? Your data will be removed from Telegram’s server when you delete your account. You will lose access to your chats, groups, and channels and can only rejoin as a new user.

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