What Happens If I Lost My SIM Card Att?

Losing your SIM card can be worrisome; several things can be at stake, and you may be clueless about them. What steps should you take? How do you restore the loss? If you’ve been wondering- “What Happens If I Lost My SIM Card Att?” Then this post is for you.

This article includes a detailed guide on What Happens If I Lost My SIM Card Att.

Here we will answer your question, What Happens If I Lost My SIM Card Att and answer other questions about AT&T SIM cards.

What Happens If You Lost Your SIM Card?

Knowing what happens if you lose your SIM card from AT&T will help you understand your losses, gains, and necessary steps to recover fast.

AT&T May Not Know Your SIM Is Lost

AT&T would not know what has gone wrong with your SIM card if you lose it, unless you report the case to the company. Therefore, you should contact your service provider to report your SIM card as stolen or lost. And they will deactivate it to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Someone Else Can Use Your SIM Card

Whether your SIM card is lost or stolen, someone else can pick it up and use it. When they insert it into their phone since the company would not know you have lost access to it. If anyone inserts the SIM card into their phone, they may access your account on the network.

The access to your account on the network enables them to make or receive calls, send or receive text messages. And alsuse data services with your account. Therefore, it gives them access to your phone number, which they can misuse without your knowledge, and charge your account in the process. 

How to Prevent Data Misuse?

Your SIM card also contains other information about you other than your phone number. Among these are your account password and authentication information. However, you can prevent this by asking your service provider to deactivate the SIM card. The deactivation will disconnect it from your account and phone number and make it invalid if people insert it into any phone.

You Will Lose Your Phone Number

Your phone number is unique, and it links to your SIM card. Therefore, you will lose your phone number when you lose your SIM card, though it will remain active until you deactivate it.

However, the deactivation does not restore the phone number; it only prevents other people from impersonating you.

Get A Replacement From AT&T

You can replace your lost AT&T SIM card by physically visiting a location to provide some information that will help you retain the details of the SIM card on the replacement. Also, replace your lost SIM card online using the Chat or Call options on the website.

How To Get A SIM Replacement Online From AT&T?

If you cannot visit an AT&T store physically, you can ask for a SIM replacement online, but you must be the verified owner of the lost SIM card. Here are the steps to ask for a SIM replacement online:

  • Go to the AT&T customer support page here.
  • Click the Sign-in button if you are yet to sign in with your current browser.
  • Enter your User ID and password in the respective fields on the log-in screen. Then click Sign In.
  • Click the Menu (hamburger icon) button next to the Search icon at the top left of the page.
  • Click on the Support option from the Menu options.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the CHAT button on the left side of the screen. You will see the button with a messaging icon.
  • Send a message to customer support service to request a SIM card replacement. You should state why you need to replace the SIM and ask for the deactivation of the lost SIM card.
  • Next, give any information they may ask to complete the process.

Alternatively, you can call the AT&T customer support service via 800 331 0500 and 611 using a mobile device or 800 28 2020 for internet and home phone support.

FAQs On Sim Card Replacement

Can You Get A SIM Card Replacement For Free?

Replacing a lost or broken SIM card is not free though you may hear some subscribers claiming to have gotten SIM replacements for free at one time or another. While their claim may be correct, you should prepare to pay a charge between $10 and $15 to replace your SIM card from A&T. This replacement charge may even be less, depending on your carrier and the store you visit.

Can You Get Your Number Back On A New SIM Card?

Yes, you can get your Phone number back on a new SIM card when you lose the old one. You will transfer the phone number to your new SIM card by porting. However, you cannot do this yourself; you must contact your carrier and request for SIM port.

To complete the process, you will provide information like your account number and the new SIM card’s serial number.

Will You Lose Any Data When You Replace Your SIM Card?

No. Ordinarily, you will lose your phone number when you lose your SIM card, but you can get access to your SIM data once you reactivate a new SIM with your old phone number via porting.

Your SIM card is an external component that only complements your device. It does not store any data but can access your data locally. Therefore, your data remains intact when you lose your SIM card, but people can access them with the SIM card if you don’t deactivate it fast.

However, you will regain access to your data when you port the new SIM card to use your old phone number.

Can You Use The Same Number On Two SIM Cards?

You can have two SIM cards from AT&T with the same phone number, but it is not recommendable, and the company’s configuration does not support it. Also, one of the two devices with the same phone number will not function effectively. You may experience a low voice quality or be unable to make and receive calls.

What Should You Do If You Lost Your SIM Card From AT&T?

If you lose your SIM card from AT&T, you should contact your service provider immediately to deactivate it. Then, you can ask for a replacement with the same number if you want to retain the number or buy a new SIM card with an entirely different phone number.


You can lose access to your phone number or give room for a third party to access your account when you lose your SIM card from AT&T. But, you can deactivate it, block third-party access to your account. And retain the phone number on a new SIM card by contacting your carrier.

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