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What happens if you deactivate your DeviantART account?

Best Answer:
  1. After your account.
  2. Has been deactivated.
  3. You can reactivate it two days after being deactivated.
  4. If the deactivation lasts longer than a month.
  5. all data associated with the account will be deleted from DeviantArt permanently.


What happens when you deactivate DeviantArt account?

Once you deactivate or delete your account, it will be as if you never had an active DeviantArt account. All of the public artwork and journals associated with it will also have disappeared.

Does DeviantArt delete deactivated accounts?
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You can deactivate your DeviantArt account, but after 21 days of inactivity, it is permanently deleted.

What happens if I deactivate my account?

If you reactivate your account, this will mean that people can again see your timeline and find it in a search. However, some things may remain visible (for example: messages which were private).

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How do I recover my DeviantArt account?

Please email the help desk at [email protected] if you have lost access to your account contact information or to make changes to your account like changing your password and username. We can’t help you with these things if we don’t know who you are, so be sure to include a detailed description of what has happened in your message as well as the deviation’s login information that is associated with the issue.