What Happens if you Disable your Discord Account?

Are you fed up with using your Discord Account? Do you want to take a break from your Discord Account without deleting it? Then there is a way that you can choose. You can disable your Discord Account. Are you worried about the thought of what happens if you Disable your Discord Account? Then we are here to help you. You will know everything by the end of this article. Let’s start without any further delay.

What Happens if you Disable your Discord Account?

It is safe to disable your Discord account. Disabling means you are freezing or putting your account on hold. You can reactivate your Discord Account at any time. Nothing happens to your Discord Account information, storage, and other items in your profile. 

Make sure you do not keep your Discord Account inactive for two years straight. This will delete your account automatically.

Additionally, if you disable your Discord Account, you will not be able to get any notification from your account. However, you still be able to get friend requests on your account. You can respond to those friend requests after reactivation.

You cannot recover it once you have deleted the account. If you think you might change your mind later and want to join Discord again, we suggest you disable your account. Disabling your account is far better than deleting it. 

How to Disable Discord Account?

Discord gives the choice of deleting and disabling the account to its users. If you want to delete your Discord Account, you no longer want to use it. On the other hand, if you want to disable your Discord Account, you are taking a break for some time from Discord, and you may join again. If you are looking for tips to disable your Discord Account, this section is especially for you. Read and learn the steps below and disable your Discord Account. 

Step 1- Open the App

You need to open the Discord app on your device screen to start with anything. So unlock your phone and tap on the Discord app to open it. If you do not have this app on your phone, you can download it from the google play store or apple app store. You can also do it on your laptop or PC.

discord icon

Step 2- Log in

Now is the time to log in to your Discord Account by adding login credentials. You can skip this step if you are already logged in to your account.

Step 3- Select Settings

If you are using Discord on your laptop or PC, see at the bottom left side of your screen that you can find a cog icon. This icon refers to the option of “User Settings“. Click on that option to begin the process. If you are using it on your phone, click settings and select “Account”.

What Happens if you Disable your Discord Account?
discord setting

Step 4- Find “Disable Account”

A new window will open on your screen when you tap on the option of User Settings. Scroll down until you find the “Disable Account” option at the bottom. The Disable Account option will be beside the option of “Delete Account.” If you are sure that you want to disable your Discord Account, then tap or click on “Disable Account.” This will take a few minutes, but your account will be disabled afterwards. 

discord disable account setting
confirm disable discord account

If you want to permanently cut off from Discord and never want to return with the same account, click on “Delete Account.” Both options will be yours, so choose whatever you suit best. 

You have now learned what happens when you disable your Discord account. So go on and disable your account if you want to take a short break from Discord. Remember, do not keep your account disabled for two years, or you will lose it.


Why is it difficult and different to disable your Discord Account from iOS or Android phones?

You can quickly delete or disable your Discord Account on your laptop or PC. However, you may face difficulties if you are disabling the account from your iOS or Android devices. You need to request the support team to help you to disable your Discord Account. 

Is your profile deleted from Discord if you disable or delete the account?

If you have disabled your account on Discord, no information from your profile will be removed or added. Your profile will freeze, and you can get back to it as soon as you reactivate your Discord Account. However, if you have deleted your Discord Account, you can never join Discord again from the same account. You must make a new account if you want to rejoin Discord. 

Can people on Discord see your account after you have deactivated it?

Your deactivated or disabled Account on Discord will look like a regular account to people, except that your username and profile picture will not be displayed. The people can send you friend requests as well.

Summing Up

If you are wondering what happens if you Disable your Discord Account? Then there is nothing to be worried about. Nothing happens to your Discord Account once you have disabled it. Your account information, friend list, and other things on your Discord profile remain the same until you reactivate your account. 

People can still send you friend requests, but you can only accept them after the reactivation of your Discord Account. You cannot receive notification during the disable period of your account.

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